Bourbon Buys....... in New Jersey


I’ll second that. Or maybe have my second. Angel’s Envy bourbon is very nice. Never had the rye.


Wow, I didn’t know we had this many bourbon fans in nj! I’m going to check out some of these selections. Forget acme, full steam ahead on bourbon.

Eli, thank you for the tip. I don’t know if I have quite the Rockstar status as you do, but I would love to try to source some nice bottles. If you have any trending/favorite wines, I am all ears :slight_smile:


I first had Angel’s Envy in Louisville–back when KY was the only place you could buy it. Been drinking it for years now, and love seeing it in bars. :blush:

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Johnny, you can try reaching out to Steve Fahy and tell him Eli sent you :wink: Just tell him what type of wines you like and he can make some recommendations. You can also sign up for their various daily email specials. Sometimes they will just have a quick sale for 15 minutes with drastically reduced prices. They also have a sister site called that has daily specials that are valid for 24 hours only.

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Although it’s not a true bourbon as it’s distilled in NY Widow Jane is an excellent bourbon whiskey.


@paryzer Love The Wine Library. When Mr. Bean turned 50 I wanted to get him a 50 year old scotch. The Wine Library was the only place that could source it for me - way too much money. In the end I got him to 2 25 year olds - which I was sure most 50 y/o would prefer.

@CurlzNJ Another Mr. Bean story. He has a friend with whom he always exchanges bourbons - and they are always trying to outdo each other. That’s how we came upon Angel’s Envy.

And on a related note – anyone use Luxardo Cherries?


I said it before I read it… :rofl:

And I looooove that Angel’s Envy story too!

ETA that I haven’t purchased Luxardo cherries ($$$$) but YUUUUUUM! I do, however, have a jar of Trader Joe’s Pitted Amarena Cherries in syrup that were…$3.99 (?) and I suspect are going to be a good alternative!


Luxardo cherries make a huge difference but I’ve recently experimented with making my own ! (Orgeat syrup too now that mai tai season is approaching)


This sounds like the joke between my parents that my mom was going to trade my dad in when he turned 50 for 2 25 year olds. Spoiler alert: she didn’t and they have been married for 42+ years.

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In a previous life I’m worked in the hedge fund space and went to some insane dinners where the wine porn was in full bloom. I was usually too drunk or too interested in shoving steak in my fat face or ordering another seafood tower to catch too many names. However the one that really stuck with me was Amon Ra an Australian Shiraz that is my hands down last meal wine bar none. About 100 a pop and not many places nearby carry it, but if you ever come across it, I highly recommend it. Prob 2008 or so is ready to drink at this point. I defer to the OG Eli at this point after my one and only big boy wine recommendation. Otherwise I subsist in mostly 20 and under wines mostly Riesling and any other value stuff. It kills me to watch stuff I used to buy in 08 as value wines go for almost double what I used to lat out for them.

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Than Amon Ra Shiraz sounds awesome. I love Shiraz, but have never tried this vineyard before. My favorite is Molly Dooker. Unfortunately this wine is a little too steep in price for me as well. I usually shop in the $20 & under range as well, but have expanded to the $30 and under range recently. Sometimes I am able to get $60 or $65 bottles of wine on sale at that $30 price point.


I won’t tell you how long this was. I’ll just leave at we haven’t gotten to the third 25 y/o yet.


I first got turned on to the Luxardo Cherries when a customer came in and bought 4 jars - Who the **** buys four jars of $20 cherries??? He opened them up and gave me one. That was it. I still curse him every time I see him.


Big fan of Two Hands vineyards. Although much of their premium stuff is 50+ I can still find Angels Share around 25-28. Love that stuff. Under $20 look for Piping Shrike good everyday drinker

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Mr P. for some reason I thought you went higher end on the wine. Glad to see a fellow value drinker. We should start a wine thread perhaps? Would love to find some more good value stuff out there. Although getting food value is getting harder. Also, the selection in the immediate area by me is not good at all. We have nothing sniffing the Wine Library 'round here.

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I wish I could afford the higher end wines, but I just try to find some good wines on sale at Wine Library. We eat out on weekends and go to a lot of BYOs. If you order a lot of wine you should look into Wine Library and get their Library pass which gets you free shipping for a year. If you sign up for their emails they usually have some nice sales. For example, I got the excellent Le Plan Cotes Du Rhone, that I posted about on the Mambo Tea House thread, on sale for $15. It retails for around $30. The Châteauneuf Du Pape that I posted about in the Tillie’s thread retails for $65, and I got it on sale for $29.99. There are a lot of good wines in the $15 to $30 range. Wine Library buys in bulk so they can get some good deals and pass it on.

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Thanks for the recommendations @taboni ! I think I may have tried Two Hands Bella’s Garden at a Super Wine tasting and really liked it. I have to look into Angel’s Share. Have you ever tried Gnarly Dudes? I see that Wine Library has it on sale for $25.99 (with a list price of $39.99). How does that compare to Angel’s Share?
Have you ever tried Molly Dooker? The Boxer is pretty reasonable at around $22.00 a bottle.


I haven’t tried Gnarly Dudes but agree totally on the Bella’s Garden especially if you can find it at that price.

I do like Molly Dooker Boxer…they usually have it around the $20 point at Bottle King and sometimes less than that!

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My man Steve Fahy at Wine Library was able to locate some 2017 Angel’s Share for $24.99 a bottle. I asked him to special order 6 bottles for me. I also get free shipping with them. I can’t wait to try it. Thanks again for the recommendation @taboni !


You’re very welcome @paryzer!