Boston, MA. January 2018. Openings + Closings!


Happy New Year, H.O. pals. Here’s your brand spanking new thread for anything coming in new or old going out. Have at it!


Sultan’s Kitchen downtown has closed, per the Globe. That makes me sad, had some good lunches there. The owner told the Globe he’d be opening something else though.


Joyful Garden (previously in Days Inn on Solider’s Field Rd) is now relocating to the Old Country Buffet spot in Arsenal Mall. When we walked by before Christmas, the windows were papered over and construction was happening; not sure when the opening date is. A good Cantonese spot in Watertown/Brighton area would be much needed.


That must mean that horror of a buffet restaurant has finally closed down. When we lived in a nearby leafy suburbs, we were shocked by how many families ate there several times a week. Joyful Garden will be a huge step up for those times when one has to visit the DMV in person.


Oooh - maybe they will do DMV line delivery!


Now that’s a business idea! Maybe dim sum for the morning and tea snacks for the afternoon too?

Joyful Garden wasn’t as good as places like Asian Garden, but it is quite comforting when you just want a big bowl of hot and sour soup and some salt and pepper fried seafood.


darna restaurant has opened on pleasant street in malden


new dong khanh on harrison ave in chinatown is closed for renovations


I noticed that Mamadou’s Bakery is now open in Arlington Center right on Mass Ave (across the street from the main library). Also, in that same general area, Subway looks closed.


I’m psyched that Mamdou’s is open. I tried to go the other day and it wasn’t open yet. I’ll head there soon!


Please call ahead…I was not on foot but driving by and it looked open for business with all the lights on.

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Fairstead Kitchen in Brookine has closed and reopened as Grassona’s Italian. Will have to try it out!


Well, there were no lights on (except the window decorations) so that’s a good sign! But it looks like the Winchester location closes at 3, which means I’ll have to wait until the weekend if Arlington also closes that early.


oppa’s kitchen and bar on pleasant street in malden has closed


Xi’an Street Food on 182 Brighton Ave in Allston looks to be close to opening; the lights and signage are on when I passed by last week, but the windows are still papered over. Looks to be a Chinese meat burger (Rou Jia Mo) focused place, and the pictures are showing crunchy swirly buns that I really enjoyed in China. The burgers from the noodle places around town all have disappointing soft/chewy bread, so I’m hoping for a change with this place.


It turns out that the Winchester location is also closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so Arlington probably is as well.


xi’an street foods on brighton ave in allston is now open


Early reports sound good!

Apparently they are serving their signature “Chinese burgers” for free at noon and 6pm daily this weekend.


Went there and got a free pork burger (when you share their store info on Wechat) tonight and some biang noodle. Can confirm that this is the best Chinese burger I had in Boston; bun is crispy and pairs well with the fatty pork. They were out of half of the menu items tonight. Would probably wait to revisit in another week or two when the rush is over and their credit card machine is working.


I’m on a bus to brunch in Davis Sq and I just saw a For Rent sign in the window of La Posada. I just let out an audible gasp. Google-zilla comes up with this. I’ve been buried under work since xmas. What gives?!