Boston, MA: good picks under 10$ or so


I don’t they are doing this anymore. In fact, their prices have recently gone up a bit. Owner doesn’t want to skimp on the quality of the ingredients.


ah, ok. respect to the owner on that. I love the food there, so I think I could handle paying a reasonable price for a taco and it would still qualify for my cheap eats tour. :slight_smile:


Absolutely. Still one of our most tasty cheap eats option. My husband might eat their twice a week if given the option.


in addition to wang’s, magoun square in somerville has some great cheap eats.

at pini’s a slice (1/4 pie) is $3.
everything @ pennypackers is under $10; half sandwiches are $6
@ big belly deli sandwiches $8-9; basic mac&cheese $8


Still have to make it to Big Belly. Thanks for the reminder.


Guru is the real deal.


Last weekend I got soup of the day plus a slider from Blue Ribbon BBQ for $6.49. The soup was cabbage and sausage and delicious and I chose the pulled chicken slider which was really stuffed with big hunks of thigh and also very good. A lot of food for the money.


Soup at Blue Ribbon? Oh… this is exciting for a soup queen who has a grand-scallion in Arlington.


They post it with their specials just after 11 every morning on their FB and Twitter. You can get it with cornbread or your slider of choice.

Another soup source: just over the line into Lexington on Mass Ave Jackson’s Kitchen always has a few soups in their refrigerator case and they are reliably good.


sunnyday mentioned Asian Garden on Harrison St in Chinatown in the noodle thread, pointing out that their afternoon tea menu was great value. It’s true! the afternoon menu has a whole slew of HK style offerings, from french toast to macaroni to satay and egg sandwiches, and it’s all pretty much 9 bucks or less.

I decided that I just wanted a basic and humble meal with no frills, so I got the pork katsu on toast. It’s just a simple, stripped down sandwich–thick slices of white bread toast, a few pieces of iceberg, some mayo and a breaded pork cutlet. And it was surprisingly good–the pork cutlet was cooked just right, juicy in the center with a crunchy, not greasy exterior.

With the free tea, this perfect little afternoon snack set me back a total of eight dollars with tip. Would def. like to try a few of the other items on the cha chaan teng menu–it’s a perfect go to place for an inexpensive meal after taking in a matinee up the street.


I was there two weeks ago and they were still doing Tuesday dollar tacos but only veggie, chicken, and al pastor.


Man, you’re living the good life.


haha, yeah. a guy could get used to this!


Asian Garden has a good lunch special of pork katsu with curry or tomato sauce over egg fried rice, not sure how much it is now but definitely under $10. The cook at that restaurant knows how to do a good fry-job! Their salt and pepper chicken wings are juicy and tender and all things amazing.


I think that one is $8.95. Almost got that!

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carlos cucina in allston has paninis (meatball/eggplant/veal/chicken) ranging from 8-10$


Wow, I had totally forgotten that Carlo’s exists, haven’t been there in at least a decade! Is it the same as ever?

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absolutely !


I did a back-to-back comparison of Qic Pic and Best Bar B Q (that’s the one near Hei La Moon) on two Mondays recently, both around 10:30 a.m., walking to South Station. I thought Best was significantly better: the skin on the pork more shatteringly crisp, and both pork and duck significantly tastier. Qic Pic, wasn’t bad, though. And, as you say, you get vastly more meat than you can reasonably put away at one sitting.


I just looked up Best Bar B Q, since I didn’t know it, and found that in 2014 it had the highest number of cleanliness violations in all of Boston. That said, I’ll probably still visit it on my next trip to Boston.