Boston, MA: good picks under 10$ or so


Neighborhood Restaurant.

Their sandwiches come in at $8.00. Choice of turkey club, crispy chicken, cheese and tomato, but, or a cheeseburger. With this, you have a choice of their in-house made soup, salad, or fries. I admit, I often eschew that $10 limit and order their cod cakes. No one makes them like this any more. This is fish, bacalhau, not lots of potato with a tiny bit of fish. Served with that same homemade soup, and then a bunch of other stuff that aren’t on the menu. All I can do to eat those three cakes for $12.00.

Edited to add: They are only open during breakfast lunch hours. Not dinner.


do you mean sabor especial in chelsea?


yes. it’s called best bar b q restaurant


oops, sorry–my mistake & thanks for picking that out, galangatron! the little place on Williams St., directly under the Tobin Bridge and right around the corner from the oldest Russian steam bath in the country.


no problem. wasn’t sure if you meant sabor especial in chelsea or were confusing it with sabor salvadoreño in revere (which also makes great pupusas)


good to know about both places. I live in East Somerville and can get pupusas, but would really like to try some that are made in-house.

(Ted) #27

Any of the panini’s hot or cold or subs at Domenic’s in Waltham. The best!


My son and I just had the melanzane last night. As good as always. I also had an arancini that I crisped in a hot toaster oven, and that was tasty, too. I should have asked for a bit of marinara on the side, though.


Sometimes I get the marinara sometimes not (without asking), it’s a crap shoot.


got some samosas yesterday outside Ball Sq at Guru the Caterer’s takeout spot on Broadway. It’s an unassuming little joint with not much more than samosas, pakoras and biryani. Veggie samosas are 2 for $3.99 and the larger chicken ones are 2 for $4.99. And they’re really good! The pastry for the samosas is really tender all the way through, crispy around the edges with no hint of toughness. The fillings are flavorful and peppery and there’s a great onion-tamarind dipping sauce that comes on the side. Def, one for the cheap eats canon.

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Punjabi Daba in Inman – you can get a lot of food for under $10.
Taco Party in Ball Square, Somerville – all vegan but flavorful. 2 tacos + a side for $10.
Wang’s Chinese in Magoun Square, Somerville – a lot of dishes are $8-10.


Totally forgot about this place - but ended up at Brewer’s Coalition in Newtonville - they do a $5 burger and fries (not sure if it is just lunch or not) which is an awesome deal and really not a bad burger either.

Edit - check their website, it is M-F 11:30-2 only - great lunch deal


An egg and cheese sandwich on housemade English with extra cheese, caramelized onions and banana peppers along with a medium Barrington coffee at Area Four in Cambridge came to $10 on the nose this morning.


Courthouse Seafood, East Cambridge:

2 fish cakes with cole slaw = under $6.00
fish sandwich with cole slaw = ~8.00
Fish n’ Chips = $8.00 [extra piece of fish on Wednesday and Saturday, Bog Fish nights]

Skampa, East Cambridge:
Roast beef sandwiches = $6-$9 depending on size
I should try more of their menu

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It’s been a couple of years since I was in Arlington but when I find myself there, I get the BBQ burrito at Blue Ribbon BBQ. It is huge, enough for two, and if memory serves, costs around $5-6.


Has gone up in price a bit. From their website:

Burrito | $5.99 Vegetarian | $6.99 w/ Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken | $7.49 w/ Burnt Ends or Beef Brisket
Large flour tortilla stuffed with rice & beans, cabbage, salsa, cilantro & sour cream.


Leftover meat?!? :smiley:


Anna’s super quesadilla with extra cheese and pulled pork.


these suggestions made think that there’s a pretty good cheap eats crawl on the four mile stretch of Broadway from East Somerville to Guru the caterer. If you did it on a Tuesday, you could get dollar tacos at Rincon Mexicano, a two buck Sicilian slice at Leone’s, some dumplings at Wang’s, a vegan taco at Taco Party, a donut (yeast not cake, but still really good!) at Lyndell’s and a samosa at Guru the Caterer.

Might get out of that crawl for twenty bucks or so!


oh what a thought!!