Boston, MA: good picks under 10$ or so


Interesting. How did you find this out? Even when I Google them with “cleanliness” as an added search term, the information about 2014 (or any year) does not pop up.


Well, I use instead of google, so the results may be different. And I cannot find the page I saw yesterday, but I did find this: and this:


Thanks. We’re wandering way off topic here, but is there a master page from which one can search for restaurants? There used to be one, but lately (even prowling around your cityofboston link) I have not been able to find it. That website is spiffified now, and it is possible my browsers cannot see some things.


I think that this is the introductory page:


Thanks. A quick search of about fifteen Chinatown restaurants (perhaps this should be under “usual suspects”) found that they all had a few violations over the year that needed re-inspection.

Interestingly, upscale, non-Chinese restaurants that fringe the neighborhood (Teatro on one side, and O Ya, Les Zygomates and Troquet on the other) were all “clean” on every inspection.

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