Boston, MA. August 2017. Openings and closings

Sorry I’m a little late this month, I’ve got stuff going on. That aside, here’s your thread for August openings and closings. Have at it.

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Davis Square Donuts and Bagels opened, after a 3 year build out, yesterday. We were at the point of thinking the “Coming Soon” sign was just a big joke. Evidently, there was a huge line in the morning. Today one of my colleagues brought a bag of bagels in- I had an onion bagel which was of average/medium size. Fairly light and a bit doughy but not chewy- more tending toward the bready style. Good onion flavor but only on the top, and no real discernable bagel flavor. I found it tolerable, but not in league with my other favorites- Iggy’s are my regular go to, and I love Bagelsaurus, just for reference. (As an aside, while I appreciated the bagel chart posted a while back I feel that Iggy’s plain are not their best and their sesame would do better in all categories…)

I’ll attempt to walk by and report on the donut offerings soon.


Helpful report, Parsnipity, especially since we obviously have similar taste in bagels, given your favorites.

I saw a sign today for Wicked Bagels on Mass Ave in East Arlington, in the plaza with Ixtapa Restaurant. Apparently they will be making bagels in-house and hope to open in September. We are in the midst of a bagel renaissance it seems.


We can hope for that bagel renaissance.

Snappy Patty’s in West Medford Square says their outdoor patio is opening on August 12. Also, the word is they are expanding into the space next door that was occupied by Get in Shape for Women – not sure of the timeline for this.

Real Italian Gusto in Medford Square as reopened after remodeling and expanding their bar area.

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Guess it was hard to Stay In Shape with Snappy Patty’s next door. ::tongue firmly in cheek::

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Oh man that is within walking/biking distance for us. If these are the chewy boiled bagels of our dreams or even an approximate approximation of our ideal, that would be truly awesome. Thanks for the heads up.


@Pemma Sounds like you know West Medford. I was sad to see the vegan place in the same block as Snappy Patty’s close before I had a chance to try it. Do you have any intel? Did it move or just go out of business? Did anyone here have any experience with it?

Me too and I find myself conflicted between wanting it to have awesome bagels and worrying about being able to fit in my clothes. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information. The location is East Lexington, though.


@fooddabbler, you are so right --> East Lexington <-- my bad, thanks for catching it.

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I don’t think they are closed. I think they have very limited retail hours and concentrate on catering. My son has gone there often and likes it very much.

embarking on a small project to try assorted Super Beef sandwiches (three way, duh) in the Chelsea-Revere-Lynn-Malden-Wakefield area led me to discover that even though their website is still up, the old school Steve’s Roast Beef in Malden is closed up tight. The day I went neither Google or Yelp said they had closed, though it looks like that’s been remedied now.

Something called Crown Fried Chicken is replacing it, which I assume is another outpost of this halal fried chicken joint that also has locations in Worcester, Leominster, Lynn and Lowell.

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Hidden Boston says that Fuloon in Malden has closed. I was waiting to go back here after going through a bunch of other places in Malden. Guess I shouldn’t have.

Oh, what a bummer. Outside of a couple of fabulous CH chowdowns though, we are guilty of not going on our own.

that is sad news

singh saab has opened in the old punjabi tadka location on mass ave in arlington

I thought I had mentioned this somewhere, but I went all the way back to the April Boston Open and Closing Threads and didn’t see it.

Sabatino’s, both in Arlington and Brighton have closed due to the owners being sued by their employees for wage theft. Seems that they were not paying for overtime, and sometimes the employees paychecks would bounce. Not good. I never liked them (got horribly sick after eating at the Brighton shop once), but I know there were a ton of folks who liked the Arlington outpost.

I could have sworn that this was posted on the HO. I was not one of their fans.