Boston, MA. August 2017. Openings and closings

I know, I’m pretty sure I posted it somewhere, but I just couldn’t find it. No great loss for me either, but I know their Arlington outpost had some fans here.

We enjoyed the pizza at the Arlington location but got bored and hadn’t been for several years. I went to the Waltham location once and found it so depressing that I didn’t return. Then, the health violations and temporary closures by the city sealed the deal. I don’t like to celebrate the hardship of others, but I’ll shed no tears. I’m not naive enough to be shocked if a restaurant has a rodent problem, but they seemed to be pretty lackadaisical about addressing the problem.

Well if you’re lackadaisical about paying your employees, you’re probably not too worried about rodents.

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Damn. Fuloon was one of the places that I was looking forward to visiting in October. If I can only make it to one Chinese restaurant in Malden, which one would you recommend? It doesn’t have to be Szechuan.

I’d probably pick Go Chi or Golden Garden, the Dongbei style places. the Go Chi menu is a little more foucused.

We went to Go Chi with friends last year, and we all loved it. My wife and I went to Golden Garden tonight. We found it disappointing. The sour cabbage was bland, the Peking ravioli excessively doughy, the House Special Lo Mein lacked focus. Still looking forward to trying Yong Yong.

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We had great food at Yong Yong: some good dim sum, an oyster pancake, a shrimp, meat and vegetable dish. All four of us were very satisfied. One of the best dim sum dishes was the fried calamari. A smidgen oily, but extremely tasty.

We also had a great meal at Cafe Sushi. And for the first time we tried Gene’s Chinese Flatbread, another winner.


You ate well! Thanks for the report.