Boston Chinese food recipes

So, I know there are a bunch of recipes on Chow and I have been curious about them.

I’ve never been to Boston, so I haven’t tried their style of Chinese food.

However, I have read many of the recipes and they certainly differ from the Chinese food I grew up on.

I currently live somewhere with lousy Chinese.
So, I’m wondering if anyone can recommend any of these Boston style Chinese recipes.

I do a variety of Chinese cooking- authentic and westernized. More Cantonese because I’m allergic to chilies, which is a major ingredient in a lot of the other varieties of Chinese cuisine.

I’ll take taste over authenticity.

Any input would be appreciated!

Can you tell us more about the Boston style of Chinese food?

i live in boston and have since the 80s. that long ch thread about chinese food is really strange because they LOVE LOVE places that just serve sad versions of 1960s chinese-american food. i suspect none of them ever went to chinatown for anything remotely resembling actual chinese food.

get yourself some good chinese cookbooks, like from eileen yin-fei lo, and order on-line whatever “exotic” ingredients you can’t get locally.

Lol! I wish I could. The question was more in response to people who raved on and on about some sort of Boston style Chinese food on Chow.

It looks as though Hoytoy may have some good advice for me though!

Yay! Thanks for responding.

I have a lot of chinese cookbooks with a wide range of cooking styles.I guess I just found the whole discussion intriguing and wondered if there were any really tasty recipes worth trying.

I realize everyone has different likes when it comes to Chinese cooking styles.Reading the recipes, I realize that they are American style versions. However, there are still tasty, unauthentic recipes out there.

I suppose I was more or less wondering if anything was worth trying out of the lengthy post?

tbh, i never tried any of the recipes in that thread because my few excursions to kowloon were just sad. i am not being snobby about chinese-american food either. i loves me some GOOD egg rolls. moo shu, lo mein, etc., but found nothing to enjoy there.