Boichik Bagels, San Francisco Bay Area

Has anyone tried them? They’re opening a store near me, and I’m curious. Thanks.

For me they are good enough to justify their price. Not to say they are not good just not for worth it for me.
Some past conversations on the subject.

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I sent a package from Boichik to my cousins in Los Gatos for Xmas. They liked the bagels and smoked fish.

I have also sent the same cousins food from Russ & Daughters and Zabars in the past. For ordering gifts to be delivered, it was easier to use Russ & Daughters.

I think it’s hilarious that I was the one asking the same question 6 years ago. But the last several years have been over the top stressful for me, so I’m not surprised I forgot! :upside_down_face:


:melting_face: You know at $3, just get one and judge for yourself. Many people REALLY love them.

As someone who has eaten NY bagels, the sadness that is any Sysco bagel delivered in any major corporation cafeteria, as well as the bagels you buy in a supermarket, yes, Boichik is the real deal. Most other bagels have this density to them that forces you to clamp on and toss your head from side to side in order to wrestle a morsel off the round shape, but Boichik bagels are almost FLUFFY.

If you get them, I strongly recommend not getting them toasted as it destroys that hard-won texture.

Lifespan of the bagel is very short - less than a day. It gets stale and hard rather quickly, particularly if you have broken through that glossy boiled exterior.