Boychik Bagels, Berkeley

At the risk of starting an endless bagel argument, I’d like to know if anyone’s been to Boychik’s. How were the bagels? I’m sure they weren’t as good as the bagels in New York (kidding -
i’ve never had them)), but how are they in terms of the Bay Area bagel scene?

From EaterSF:

I don’t know if it is worth it.

Janelle Bitker of the SF Chronicle says that there are block-long lines before 8 am.

Melanie at Chowhound reports that a few days ago they sold out by 9:15 am.

Unless the lines have some type of street theatre vibe worth watching (doubtful for a crowd on College Ave. in South Berkeley), I’d wait a few months until production ramps up or the lines thin out.

And if intrepid line-waiters Have such information, please let us know how the bagels fare immediately and a few hours later. And how big are they?

I’m also curious to know opinions of people who aren’t used to New York Bagels. NY Bagels have inflated in size over the years, and many NYers have argued reflect a decline in quality. By the time I was bringing out of towners to New York, they loved the pizza but didn’t think bagels were all that special, including giant ones at H & H (personally, exceptional bagels in NY have been elusive enough that I’ve quit bothering to go out of my way to top spots and wasting stomach space to disappointments).

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Hyperbowler, the next time you head to NYC and want a decent bagel, Murray’s is pretty reliable.


I like the business name.

They are dense and chewy, maybe a touch of malt?, priced at $3 ! – we are not One-percenters – and the chive cream cheese was too airy. Best part was not standing in line, because someone else did. On our own, we wouldn’t join a line.


When they first opened at the end of November at 3170 College Ave., they were selling out by 10 a.m., but lately with increased production, they’ve been able to make it to noon.