We went to Bodega (2.0) on Mason a couple weeks ago. I guess from some kind of nostalgia my gf has for the original one on Larkin.

I don’t really care to write negative reviews, so I’ll just say we won’t be going back, but here are some quick notes.

The Banh Cuon was so under seasoned no amount of nuoc mam could save it.

Cha Ca. My gf loves cha ca la vong and I’ve spent a lot of time in Vietnam and had the original from the og a few times and also make it regularly. I get why they’re fancy-ing it up but it’s just not better and actually wasn’t that good.

My cha ca la vong:

The Viet Cajun Gambas were actually good and by far the best thing we ate — although I’m not sure why they were in that restaurant. I’ve eaten the same dish in Madrid and Barcelona so just cause you throw in a Chinese sausage… was weird eating it with the rest of the meal.