Bodega by Salts in Watertown


anybody been?

I came across it again on … Eater maybe. I remember seeing some press when it was doing a soft open in … December? I can’t remember if it was mentioned in the Opening/Closing thread either.

But I’m curious, so anyone been? The pic of the shrimp on their Facebook page looks deliscious.


We went for drinks and desserts on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago after eating dinner. It’s on a pretty quiet backstreet and the signage is pretty small but seems like plenty people found the place. Part of the restaurant was a old train (T?) carriage; I poked my head in and it was bustling and unique looking, we sat on the quieter side with high glass ceiling at the bar table.

I took a look at the menu and it was Spanish tapas with some Uruguayan influence thrown in. Menus was maybe 15 dishes but full of interesting things; saw a beef tongue dish that looks intriguing. They have a leg of Jamon ham on the counter and I was sorely tempted. Sadly we couldn’t fit another bit of food in and had to settle for two glasses of wine and a chocolate tart with caramelized pine nuts and Italian meringue instead. It was one of the best tarts I’ve had and we were fighting for the pine nuts even after the tart is finished.

The price is on the high side for us (the tapas are around the $10-20 range) to be a regular spot, but we’ll definitely go back for special occasions. Would love to hear other people’s experience on what tapas to order!


I love how these two seem to gravitate to tucked-away locales for their restaurants (as Salts was, although that part of Central Sq has changed A LOT). For the customer, that provides a cozy hideaway kind of feeling. For the owners, hopefully that translates to lower rent.