Bobby Flay's Burger Palace closings...

There are reports that Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace operations have been closing around the region. Hearing about stores in Burlington, MA., Cherry Hill, N.J., and in Philly. Anyone else picking up on this?

Good riddance!!!


Just curious GR - where do you get all of this information?

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Quick google search;

Per the web site looks like Burlington, and Philly are already gone as well.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in today’s Food section on the Cherry Hill location closing (due to a dispute with the landlord?). But as far as I know, the location in Philly is alive and kicking on the Penn campus.

Really? Well, I know the one near Route 1 (Market Fair Mall) is still pretty packed. Maybe they over-expanded.

Amen !

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Do you guys hate the Bobby Burger Palace or do you hate Bobby Flay?


Always I good question!

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Personally I dislike both! (although I’ve only been to burger haven 2x’s but felt while their burgers were unique, they were over priced especially for their size)

Wow. Difficult question.

I don’t know Bobby Flay as a human but his show “Boy meets grill” was one of my favorite cooking shows of all time. I really enjoy his TV personality.

What I grinds my gears is when a celebrity chef puts his name on a mediocre product and people who don’t know any better flock to it.

I’ve eaten 4 times at my local BBP. Not a single time did I leave thinking it was a worthwhile visit. Let’s talk about what you get there. Their meat quality is good. I think it’s probably a 6 oz patty. It’s not a big burger by any means. It’s bun size is standard (think Big Mac). The meat to bun ratio is good.

Said burger, solo is about 8 bucks. Fries are roughly 4$. That’s 12$ for a burger and fries in a cafe setting. Pretty much every single place that serves burgers has better prices than that. Right across the street at a diner you can get an 8oz burger solo for 6 bucks, the deluxe with fries and onion rings is 9-10.

My favorite dive bars in the area also serve 8 oz burgers for 5-6 bucks. Even the “expensive” places clock in at 12 bucks for a burger and fries. Still 8 ozs.

So when you’re at this kind of a price handicap, you really need to deliver on quality and flavor. And BBP simply fails to deliver on that celebrity Iron Chef name. It’s good, but really not anything special.

I bet if this place did not have a celebrity chef as its face, it would have folded ages ago.


Monmouth Mall location (NJ) is now closed!

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Here is a rather odd interview with Bobby Flay a month ago about expanding his empire:

Bobby will be ok, but a lot of people are losing their jobs.

Any idea what will replace it? The Star Ledger ranked them #2 in their chain burger rankings a couple years ago.

You know the township (Eatontown, NJ) approved the redevelopment of the entire mall site. I believe it’s supposed to start in July 2019, so I’m not sure if the closure was “intentional” due to business or because the mall itself will be closing sometime soon for the redevelopment.

Minimally relevant, but fun nonetheless…

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The way I figure it, we all live one life. Why waste one minute.


Thanks for your post. I grew up learning to love Thoroughbred racing, so listening to Jim Rome & Bobby Flay speak about their horses and their love for the sport was sweet.