Bobby Flay's Burger Palace closings...


I was twelve and went to visit my cousins in Evansville, In and we went to a track in northern Kentucky and was able to lay down a couple of bets on my own.

Won one, lost one.

I also knocked back a few mint julips, or probably not.

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(D) #22

Where’s the beef at Monmouth Mall? Johnny Rockets and Bobby’s Burger Palace both close

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(Eileen Schwab) #23

I watch Bobby Flay sometime, but in my heart I think he’s probably a real bad-tempered prick. I like his stuff on Iron Chef America, but we cheer when he loses. Even when he pulls off some awesome dishes.

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I met him in an airport once. It was during the days he was challenging folks in different cities on their best dish (can’t recall the show). He was very nice when I approached him. I am a huge fan, all the way back to Grillin and Chillin.

He made it very cool for a guy to cook. That is what I will always like about him. I also visited NY many years ago and had a great meal at Bolo, and that was with my 14 year old daughter so it made it an extra special memory.

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I believe the show was Throwdown.


(equal opportunity eater in the NC Triangle) #26

I was in the audience at the filming of one of his “Throwdowns”. There was quite a bit of time that was unfilmed when he was just shooting the breeze with people. He seemed gracious and very down to earth. I had always heard he was arrogant but he really didn’t seem to be.


(For the Horde!) #27

Probably, but many famous chefs are like that. I am not even sure any of them are known to be nice.


(Gwenn) #28

Yes, I used to feel that way about him, but I watched him a couple of years ago on Worst Cooks (yes, I know) and he was actually quite different and very nice with the cooks. I feel like he’s mellowed - not as much to prove.


(D) #29

It’s being replaced by Shake Shack.

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(For the Horde!) #30

I have never been to Monmouth Mall in Eatontow. At the Market Fair at Princeton, the Bobby Burger Palace was pretty up til a year ago.


(Eileen Schwab) #31

I’m glad to hear that, thanks for letting me know. I won’t cheer as loud next time he loses on ICA, :wink:


(Eileen Schwab) #32

Gordon Ramseys all?



I love “Beat Bobby Flay” and think he’s pretty laid back and a great sport, at least on THAT show.

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(For the Horde!) #34

Is this going to be an expending list of who (celebrity chefs) we dislike?