Boar's Hair or Silicon Basting Brush

I bought a snazzy silicon basting brush a few years ago and was appalled to see that it developed brown crud at the base, where the bristles attach. I couldn’t clean it. I tossed it immediately.

I’m in the market for a new brush. what do you use?

Three dollar inch and a half nylon bristle paintbrush.

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I use a silicon basting brush but haven’t had that same problem. My silicon bristles are fairly loose so you can get in between to clean the bottom well.

I have the nylon and silicone brush.

Generally i feel the paint brush does a fine job, and applies evenly. Except once the roast was too hot, the tips of the hair got burned, I started to worry about the consequences of eating melted plastic. I reserve it with cold food.

Now I use mostly my silicone brush, I don’t have the problem you have mentioned. Before I tossed it in the washing machine, but it came out oily, nowadays I have it clean with hot water manually.