Blue Pig Ice Cream Croton on Hudson NY

Good news! They reopened for the season yesterday. They are serving lunch fare (soup and pasta type things while it’s still wintry) and their fantastic ice cream. I’m about to dive into my first scoop of the season (ok, two scoops). Old favorites and some new ones available.


Yum! Happy diving! I love their lunches - the Thai style peanut noodles are a favorite. Love that they opened their season early this year. I drove past it two weeks ago on our way to the dam and my little dudes were hoping for a scoop! For our winter ice cream fix, we’ve been going to Penny Lick in Hastings. (A bit of a trip to get there often - but so worth it!)

What new flavors are on the list? I love how creative they are!

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Their Facebook page lists the following for March 8:
Really good choc w/ chips, Pig m&m, Black Cow French press, French Vanilla, Peppermint Stick, Local Maple w/ cinnamon toasted walnuts, Chocolate Peanut butter Oreo, Amarena Cherry Almond, Salty Local Maple (vegan), Black Sesame, Salted Caramel, Coconut Fudge, Cappuchino sorbet, Roasted Banana w/ salted caramel.

I checked their website and it looks like they haven’t updated since fall. I can’t wait to get up there - as soon as hiking weather returns it will be at the top of our list for a post-hike treat. I am dying to try their ginger especially, it’s one of my favorite flavors and hard to find!


I’m pretty sure the PB chocolate oreo is new. I think the Amarena cherry almond is a variation on an old flavor. Both were spectacular, if a bit soft, but their freezers probably aren’t up to snuff yet. Wish I’d picked up some soup for the blizzard!

Bio, their facebook is updated much much more regularly. If you’re looking for hours I’d check facebook and call to be sure if you’re coming up from Yonkers. The ones on the website are not accurate.

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Just tried their Black Sesame, which is outstanding–a little salty, a little sweet, very sesame-y.

And we got some potato-leek soup to go: recommended!

I love that place.

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Their soup is really unrivaled. Thanks for the tip on the black sesame. I probably wouldn’t have tried it but it sounds interesting so I’ll give it a shot next time.

@spa, I tried the black sesame. Very interesting. More savory than sweet, I think, which is a tough sell for me in ice cream… :slight_smile: My husband got a whole scoop of it but I went for 3 musketeers (new!!) and their salted caramel, which is not as soft as it was last year-- much better consistency now.

I bet you’re not the only one who isn’t sold on the Black Sesame, but I bet we can agree that it’s great she’s trying new flavors like this. Good news about the salted caramel! I agree it was too soft last year.

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Last time I was there I got an old favorite–espresso chip–and I have to say it’s the best I’ve ever had. The espresso flavor was strong and clear, not at all bitter or watered down. And the chocolate (Caillebaut) was shaved, not in chips or chunks, so it melts on the tongue right along with the ice cream. Looking forward to going back, probably this Saturday after the Hudson River Sweep.

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Wow spa, you said the magic words for me and ice cream. Espresso and Caillebaut!! Now I’ll have to drive to Croton!

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Come on. Given your user name you need to do better than two.


I hope they still have it! That was a few days ago. But I suspect you’ll find something else delicious if it’s not available.

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I’ll call ahead. It’s 1/2 hour ride for me!!!

@spa My husband loves the espresso chip… I actually had the blue pig m&m for the first time at the Earth Day festival to match my little cousins’ choice and it was so good. A fun kid-friendly indulgence that tastes way better than any ice cream I ate as a kid. She really has hit her stride with her recipes. Hope she is around a long time!

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She really has. :smile: Love the unique flavors she makes too. Grapefruit campari and mojito are awesome in the summer. And the Aztec chocolate has that unexpected “whoa” factor. @winecountrygirl - hope they had your flavors and that it was worth the drive!

I’ve been away a while… What flavors have I missed? Can’t wait to go this weekend!

They had some great sundae offerings last weekend. Very dangerous! Balsamic roasted strawberry and coconut Butterfinger look like new summer flavors on the list. :slight_smile:

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I saw on their Facebook that they have a new smores flavor. I can’t wait to try that one!

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I went last night and tried the s’mores flavor. I made a similar flavor myself last year and I have to say mine was better… :yum:But Blue Pig did a good job on their first try. The ice cream base actually has toasted marshmallow in it so it not only has that smoky sweet flavor but also a really fun gooey texture. The mix-ins were lacking a bit in quantity but still a yummy flavor. I also had the blueberry cobbler. Sometimes their fruit flavors end up with an icy texture but this retained its creaminess and the pastry mixed in provided a nice textural and flavor contrast.

For those who like “out there” flavors they have a new basil flavor. Didn’t give it a try but sounds intriguing.

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