Blue Pig Ice Cream Croton on Hudson NY

I was in the area to meet a friend for lunch. Afterwards, on my way home, I stopped by Blue Pig. I am picky, as I am sure you all know. Well, this was some of the best ice cream I have had this decade. I tried tastes of around half their flavors. Roasted strawberry balsamic Mmmm… Lime Basil, ooooh. Grapefruit Campari, yum.

I ended up getting a scoop each of the Coconut Butterfinger (childhood favorite flavors) and Mint (something Italian?).

Then afterwards I got another scoop of the Coconut Butterfinger, and one of the Vanilla Malt Brownie. I am not a brownie fan, but the vanilla malt ice cream with chunks of crispy outside, dense chewy inside brownies was great. Covered with the salted caramel sauce.

Total orgasmic food coma. Barely survived the drive home.


Awesome! Now this is high praise!

Mint stracciatella perhaps? Their vanilla malted brownie is one of my favorites. Glad you enjoyed!

Mint stracciatella! Yes, thanks, I was mentally blinded by the food coma and aftereffects…

Yesterday was the first day I was really hungry in two weeks. i picked up some type of bug, possibly a virus, my Doc had no clue, sent me to a Infectiuous Disease specialist, and they still couldn’t figure what I had. Crazy fever for a week, total exhaustion, sleeping 16 hours out of the day, dizziness, and I lost 14 lbs in the first six days. Still exhausted, but starting to get over it. Lots and lots of Ice cream, plus Indian and Korean food seem to be helping.

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I can’t think of a better cure. Glad you’re feeling better! We really need to get up there - any good hiking trails in the area? Nothing like a few scoops after a nice climb!

Teatown isn’t far. Rockefeller state park as well.


Croton Gorge Park is 5 minutes up the road from Blue Pig, bonus falls

Croton Point Park


Gorgeous photos! Now we just need some cooler weather and we’ll be all set!

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The other night I had two new flavors. Vermont black raspberry which was creamy, tart, and sweet (a tad soft but perfect as the top scoop) and chocolate fluffernutter. Their fluffernutter is one of my favorites and this was the same combo of marshmallow and PB with a decadent chocolate base. Amazing.

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Those are two of my favorites, too!

Finally made it to Blue Pig! We were up in Peekskill around lunchtime today (at Taco Dive Bar, which I’ll review later, but I’ll say here that it was only so-so) and decided to take Rte. 9 home, so of course we had to get dessert. I was hoping for some of the more interesting flavors I’ve seen on their FB page but today’s flavors were fairly pedestrian - here’s the board:

I sampled the salted caramel and settled on Blueberry Cardamom Crumble and Black Cow French Press w/Toffee. DH had the Black Cow and Peach Shortcake. I didn’t ask but given the light texture and clean flavor of their ice creams, I assume their recipes are Philadelphia-style, i.e. no egg yolks. I like this style, but it can be difficult to keep ice cream smooth and crystal free without egg to emulsify, and this was a problem in all of the flavors I tasted (and if they do use egg in their base, then the texture problems are an even bigger fail). The salted caramel was especially icy, and far too salty for my taste. The flavor of the blueberry crumble was excellent, but the “crumble” chunks were a bit overpowering when you got a big one - very salty and sandy in texture. The ice cream part of the black cow flavor was really great - very strong espresso flavor, and not too sweet - but there was way too much toffee in it for my taste. DH’s peach was the weakest of the bunch - very little fruit and too much cake, overall very one-note and too sweet.

Anyway, I’m glad we stopped and I enjoyed the treat, but I no longer need to feel jealous of those of you who live closer to Croton. :slight_smile:

Wow, sounds like your experience was not up to par at all! That really is too bad. My friend had the salted caramel today and said it wasn’t as good as in the past. In general I do avoid the fruit flavors as they tend to be icy as you noted although they had a VT black raspberry flavor a few weeks back that was spectacular. They may have realized they are having issues with fruit flavors as their fruit flavors these days tend to be of the “crumble” or mix-in variety I stead of straight up fruit. I sampled a raspberry Oreo the other day which had a fine texture but was way way way too sweet. I do not really enjoy the fruit crumble/cobbler flavors as you noted. Really too bad you made the trip up there and were disappointed!

I tried the “our basil” flavor yesterday and, to my surprise, loved it. ( It was herb-y, for sure, and kind of a cross between a very gentle mint and green tea.) My husband, on the contrary, though it was just plain weird. :slight_smile: He got malted vanilla brownie, which is always a fine choice.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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