Blue Hill at Stone Barns - Big Changes

A whole new concept coming in 2021

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Wonder if it will still be crazy expensive?

Probably - some things don’t change!!!

Thanks for posting. I inquired a bit back about their picnic dining, created during COVID, but it was outrageously expensive for a menu they wouldn’t even give me an example of and they said the meal was only 1 hour long. And from photos I saw on instagram it looked like you mostly had to serve yourself! No thank you.

Not at those prices!

$195 per person plus tax, drinks and 20% administrative fee. That’s a mighty expensive mostly serve yourself one hour picnic.:grinning:


Yes! I was actually shocked at the audacity. But people went!!!

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I thought maybe during COVID they’d want to attract people and be hurting for business but apparently pretentious crap like that is always in demand!


You said it, sista! Honestly, I always found that place pretentious. I was never a fan. The best thing I had there, though, was a bloody Mary made with fresh tomato water.