Bloom (Verona, NJ)

This. Is. A. Thing. Of. Beauty!


Thanks Jimmy! Yes it was :slightly_smiling_face:

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We had another excellent dinner at our favorite new restaurant Bloom. Besides the usually awesome fried shishito peppers, steak tartare, and monkfish, we had a creamy wild mushroom soup, a generously comped fried cod fish balls with a miso glaze, fried shallots, and mashed potatoes, and a duck leg confit with honey roasted endive, garlic potatoes, pickled cucumber, and a blueberry sauce. It all went great with a 2015 Apriori Napa red blend.


I have a hard time resisting steak tartare on a menu!


Bloom makes an excellent version with filet mignon, Asian pear, crispy farro, quail egg, and a spicy Korean chili paste.

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We had another fabulous dinner at Bloom. They recently came out with their new awesome Fall menu. We shared several excellent appetizers including spicy marinated pork tacos with wasabi coleslaw; assorted wild mushroom risotto; kabocha squash salad with roasted apples, candied pecans, and endive in an apple cider vinaigrette. For entrees I had a wet aged ribeye steak with grilled vegetables and Mrs. P had grilled branzino with wild black rice, and mushroom with saffron cream.


Great looking meal. The tacos are calling my name.

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Thanks @Rooster! The tacos were really good.

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All looks terrific. Mushroom risotto is calling my name. :+1:


Looking great buddy! May I ask what the little side dish is with the ribeye? That is looking like a nicely charred piece of meat!

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Thanks Jimmy! The mushroom risotto was excellent. It was nice and creamy and topped with crispy garlic chips.


Thanks Johnny! The steak was very good. That little side dish was excellent smoked salt to sprinkle over the steak. The steak also had roasted garlic on top of it that spread like butter.

We had another outstanding dinner at Bloom. Besides the usually awesome bulgogi with kimchi fried rice, scallops, pork tacos, kabocha squash salad, and fried shishito peppers, we had creamy garlicky artichoke dip and kabocha squash gnocchi in bechamel sauce. It all went great with The Offering, an excellent California red blend.


We had another fabulous dinner at Bloom. Chefs Woo and Joanne were very generous enough to preview to us some upcoming new menu items which take effect next Tuesday. They comped us some crispy crab balls that were like mini crab cakes, and a root salad consisting of kabocha squash, parsnips, candied pecans, potatoes, and ricotta cheese, in a balsamic syrup. We also Enjoyed some old time favorites of spicy pork tacos with wasabi coleslaw, fried soy glazed shishito peppers, artichoke dip, caramelized kimchi, crispy sweet cod balls, in a garlic sauce with french couscous, and melt in your mouth, fork tender short ribs in a carrot puree. We had a ton of leftovers. It all went great with a 2012 Chateau Sixtine Chateauneuf Du Pape.


Looks amazing. I feel like crab balls are something that can only be delicious

Thanks Mr. Met. The crispy crab balls were delicious. They taste like mini crab cakes.

Great meal as usual. Would like to try the crab balls as well.

How do you like Aerator? Is it yours?

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Thank you!
I love the Aervana aerator. It runs on 6 triple A batteries and it really opens up the wine.

How about washing? Easy to clean throughly? I guess you use it for different types of wine.

Yes, it is easy to clean. You fill an old wine bottle up with water, and put it in the bottle, and press and hold the button for five seconds, three separate times, to rinse it out.

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