Blind taste test of the "Big 3" fast food burgers..............

Kind of fun to watch…I’ve always preferred Wendy’s of the 3, but I’ve never tried blindfolded.

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I’ve visited my neighborhood BK probably eight or nine times in the last year, and every time I’ve left, I’ve said: “Never again!”

Must be my self-loathing kicking in, that makes me make that next visit…

10th time is always the charm Jim, hang in there!!!

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I’ve always been a Wendy’s person too.

It looks like they were tasting single patty burgers (like the kids burger from McD’s). I never order those, maybe that impacted things.


I am going to get some Burger King tonight


I’m not sure what the point of that is. Maybe buyer beware.
I’ve got Jack In The Box , Carl’s jr., and In and Out close enough that the first 3 are invisible to me. :slight_smile:

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I should add, we have a BK and a Wendy’s
at the outer edges of tourist town. We drove the Mc Donald’s out of town and of course it became a bank drive thru location. So much for our anti FF activism.

I should also add that, near where I live, there is a McDonald literally next to a Burger King, and a Wendy on the opposite side of the street.


We should open a burger place there called;
Wendy Mc’ Kings! Undercut them all!!

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I just bought and am eating a Burger King burger – also the Cheetos chicken fries.


Speaking of fries:

Shake Shack, no contest

In fairness are you blindfolded?

Growing up it was Gino’s, of course

Of the HUGE national chains I’ve always thought Carl’s Jr. (Hardee’s) was the best overall for the burger itself. Locally we’re big fans of In-n-Out and The Habit Burger, but wish they had fries like Five Guys (if you can get at them before they steam in their bag too much). Haven’t tried Shake Shack (in LA) yet, but my son has tried them in NY and highly recommends (though price is relatively high). I think SS is opening in OC soon though.

I haven’t had Carl’s Jr forever. However, based on my memory, I would definitely rank Carl’s as one of the best national chains. In-N-out is better, but In-N-Out is not national.

Been a while since I’ve had a Carl’s Junior and In and Out is not in my area. The Carl’s is not bad for a burger on the road but fresh from the kitchen is away better. Let’s hope. Just haven’t had enough experience with in and out. Any to be exact, but it has its fans for sure

Does Bobby’s Burger Palace fit in here? Or is Bobby Burger Palace is too upscale to be considered a fast food restaurant? I think there is a huge gray area. Smash Burger too.

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BK is putting out some awesome fast food fries right now. The whopper is always a classic for me but the highlight is their fries. Try 'em if you haven’t!

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Next time you’re in vegas, try Shake Shack there (2 locations)

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