Blendjet Personal Blenders- Anyone own one?

Not exactly a pot or pan, but I didn’t see a forum for Small Appliances.

I have been looking at a personal blender to give a relative as a combination birthday/Christmas gift, since they are into the whole protein shake/smoothies scene. This one caught my eye:
the Blendjet 2 cordless. You put the ingredients in, press a button, and it can blend as you drive to work or school. Ice, frozen fruit, etc . in 20 seconds or less. It comes in a myriad of colors.

Years ago, I owned a HB blender- it was (and they still are) less than $25.00. It worked great for about 3 years and then one day it just quit. Some of the plastic internal parts had broken. Because this would be a gift, I am looking at the Blendjet2 since it would last longer and be more convenient than a corded model. Does anyone own one-what has been your experience? TIA for your thoughts and opinions!!

Pictured below is just one of the available colors. Blendjet 2,

Unless your giftee is really looking for a cordless unit (i.e. cocktails on the beach or small boat), I would pass on this.

You say they are into the whole protein shake/smoothies scene, so this 15 watt blender isn’t going to take them very far… plus it is another thing to have to keep charged.

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I don’t, but I do have a Magic Bullet, which gets little use in favor of a fullsize blender.

Please don’t.

I agree with Scott that this is probably underpowered. If you must go cordless, try to find a Tailgator:

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