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We had been kicking around getting a blackstone griddle for a while but when I saw the 36 inch option at Costco for $400 I just decided now was the time. We bought a conversion kit since we have a gas line to our regular grill. So far, we have done smash burgers, steak, pancakes and a full breakfast (eggs, potatoes, steak). I’m excited to try stuff like fried rice. Pancakes were an absolute breeze. Normally it takes forever since I can only make 2 at a time. I could do an entire batch at once. I’m excited. Anyone else have one and want to share how it’s going?


I just bought this travel version

Arrives next week.


Do you mind sharing a photo of the underside of the actual griddle?


I do not have one but when I went to my sister’s place for the Solar Eclipse, we had breakfast with a neighbor who did it all on the Blackstone. Potatoes, meat, eggs, garlic bread, etc. I was wowed. Sadly, no space…

I can take a pic of the top and what I can see under the cabinet before I start dinner tonight.

Assembly was a breeze for me. My husband did it :rofl: I only heard minimal swearing. Better than when he assembled the napolean grill!

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I think they have a 17 inch model too if is something you have space for. Or just keep inviting yourself over to your sister’s place!

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That’s nifty! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Love the wheels!

Fingers crossed it arrives in good shape and is as sturdy as described. I saw it locally for $100. more.

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I’m mostly interested in what may be welded to the bottom to deflect/spread the gas flames. Maybe ask hubs?


Replying to my own ask here… Today I was in a hardware store that sells both Blackstone’s and Weber’s versions of solid top griddles.

The Blackstones are smooth on the underside, seemingly with no additional steel to deflect gas flames.

The Webers have angle iron strips welded to the underside, designed to sit directly above each strip burner.

Both were only 3/16" thick.

Here’s what mine looks like.

Mine appears the same actual griddle, but sans wheels. Hope you love it. I don’t feed enough people regularly to need mine often; but, when I do get a crowd, it sure is handy. When thanksgiving rolls around, I generally feed 12-16 folks, so my kitchen gets a little bust, so I go Blackstone, even a rocket stove if I need more heat. I’m a bit of a pyro, so I love the rocket stove, too.

If the cart version is a bust for any reason, I’ll buy a Weber flat top insert readily avail for conversion.