Black Olive Paste Ideas?

I finally cleaned out my pantry and found an unopened jar of black olive paste. What would you do with it? I am looking for entree inspiration. Thanks!

You can use it as a stuffing. . . . cut a pocket in a chicken breast (or stuff under the skin of a breast/thigh) and rub a few TBS into the opening - bake until chicken is done. You can bake/roast the chicken with peppers and other vegetables (garlic, onions, herbs, etc) too - makes a nice easy meal. Can serve over pasta, rice, etc if you want . . . .


Mmmmm sounds like tomorrow’s dinner! Yum!

I’d spread the tapenade on thickish white fish fillets (cod, haddock, etc) and press a breadcrumb mix onto it, before baking. I think it would also work in the same way smeared on lamb steaks or chops. Or, as an ingredient in a tomato based seafood pasta sauce.


Love the fish and pasta ideas. I’m not wild about lamb, but maybe this would work with a pork chop. Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m not so sure. Try it with chicken, though

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I just made a small batch to use up olives with plans to make an olive cheesy loaf of bread with dinner.


Oooh that’s an idea. A dollop of this kneaded into bread for an olive loaf. Hmm maybe I’ll try that tomorrow since I will be off work.

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As a paste, it’s pretty intensely flavored and usually quite salty (but you should be able to tell that from the label); I suggest using it somewhat sparingly, or at least tasting it before you slather it on anything.

Absolutely. I am sure it must be salty. I can’t read the label ha!

I also use it swirled in soup. Carrot, beet, butternut goes well with those soups.

Topped on a cracker like caviar works well too.

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It makes a great base for a salad dressing, loosened just a bit with some additional oil and a bit of acid. I love it on a salad I make with white beans, diced grilled chicken, charred onions and peppers and whatever herbs I have around (serve room temp on top of greens), or in “dirty” potato salad - looks a bit of a mess but the flavor is fabulous!