Black Friday Deals (Chamber Vac)?

Not sure where to post it, but I was wondering if anyone has seen some black friday deals on Chamber Vacs?

I’ve been looking at them for the past few years, but been pretty off put by the price but still have a desire to have them… Anything? I’ve noticed vacmaster’s site is alluding to good deals on the 20th, but anywhere else?

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Chamber sealer prices have shot up in the past few months so it’s probably not the best time to buy one. The VacMaster site shows the VP210 for $1150, back in August when I was pricing them they were going for $650. I’m pretty sure that price is up $100 from just last week, so if they offer $100 off for Black Friday it isn’t a deal. The VP210 also seems to be the only non-commercial chamber vacuum sealer ARY is still offering, the VP215 and VP112 are no longer showing up on their web page.

Oh yikes. I recall them being on sale a year or two ago for the VP215 for around 600.

I just thought they priced things above msrp or at msrp to show a greater uh reduction during the sale.

Wonder what caused prices to go up. Tariff related?

Price on the VP210 has gone up $20 since I looked at it this morning! I suspect the trade tariffs are the cause but don’t know for sure, glad I bought one when I did.

Yikes. What price did you pay for it, if you don’t mind me asking. I like to use that as a value marker.

I bought a VP215 for $670, I believe the VP210 was going for $650 at the time but I wanted the oil pump unit rather than a piston pump model.

All I can say is that the vacmaster blackfriday sale isn’t what I expected lol