Black Fig Greek Kitchen in Matawan/Old Bridge

Drove by tonight and saw they are open. Has anyone been yet? Here is a link to their menu:

First I’ve heard of it, but there are some interesting things on the menu. ( and not necessarily authentic Greek)…and just look at those cocktails! Thx for the heads-up! I’m a big fan of good Greek food.

We came here tonight. The food was good and I’ll be back. I got grilled octopus and grilled avocado salad. Well seasoned and composed. Our server was mostly MIA and we had an awkward moment where the introduction was basically just standing there for a few moments then saying ‘what do you want’. But the other supporting servers were great, waters were refreshed quickly and the bread/oil was tasty. They need a bit of decor on the walls, but the space has a lot of potential. Nice crown moldings, beautiful paint colors and floors. I am currently not drinking, so I can’t comment on the bar.

IMO the mixed grill/butcher plate looks a little light.

What do you think @NotJrvedivici @corvette_johnny ?

Yup…first thing I do I scan for ribeyes and mixed grills lol. I did notice it lacked variety. However, the portion could be huge for all we know.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo