BK grilled hot dogs

Burger King’s menu will include grilled all-beef hot dogs as of February 23.

This has my curiosity piqued!

Kind of surprising more FF places don’t offer hot dogs. Sonic comes to mind. (And Dawg n Suds, for us old folks.) They’re pretty easy.

My thought as well. I’ve also wondered why there isn’t a chain specializing in drive-thru pizza by the slice. If there is, I’ve never heard of it - and it seems like that would be very popular.

I’m one of those people who eats hot dogs only when faint from hunger and because killing and eating a fellow traveler is just so messy and inconvenient. My family know that I am absolutely desperate if I take even a bite of a hot dog.

An utter shrug from me for this one – we seriously would not consume a single package of hot dogs in a year at our house. (the dogs would, but then there’s not much that they wouldn’t eat)

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Hot Dogs have always seemed more regional than hamburgers, but that said, aside from Sonic, as mentioned, they’ve never taken off in chains in the same way. Are there any Der Weinerschnitzels left?
I’m willing to go try it out when the day arrives.

There’s one here in Reno. I think :slight_smile:

Detroit metro was a Test Market months ago. I tried. Awful!

I accept that reccomendation. I’m still willing to try one for the team.

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“Awful” in what way please?

“Generic” frank. Skinless. Charred too much. Dried out. Truth is, I only gave them one try. But that was enough for me.

Too much char? That’s the main reason I found the idea marginally appealing + I’ve liked their chili in the past. Oh well, $2.25 to find out the inevitable doesn’t seem outrageous.


Good luck with_ your_ quest, bbqboy!

Pizza’s something that all the major chains have experimented with in one form or another; Wendy’s had pizza on the late lamented SuperBar, BK had ‘pizza burgers’ (for what that’s worth), Subway still has their lousy ‘flatbread pizzas’, and McD’s had a major launch for their full-size McPizza. But weirdly, none of them offer it by the slice in drive-thru, so it must be a service issue… pizza doesn’t have a great shelf life.

A very long time ago I worked at a Lum’s in Tampa. Great hot dogs and cold Lowenbrau. Now when I get a craving for a hot dog I usually go with a friend to Sam’s Club. Their hot dogs are pretty good. Around here there is a lot of Coney dog places but I just don’t get those. SUch skinny wiennies and lots of hot dog buns. Not a native to oklahoma so those things are not part of my food memories. I don’t care for the hot dogs at Sonic either.

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Too, too bad Lum’s crashed and burned. Me and my buds drove 10 miles to drink the beers there. Was introduced to Pilsner Urquel there!

I’m not even going to try it . Can’t they just make a regular grilled hot dog or even steamed . I haven’t been to BK in years .

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not Mel’s ??

You’re not missing anything!

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