Birravino, Red Bank (NJ)

The food may be very good, but the noise level is unbearable!!

(Actually, I can’t say everything is very good–one of our party ordered the Chitarra Primavera, which listed a lot of vegetables, but had only a very small–one might say minuscule–quantity of them, and was basically just pasta and sauce.)

Lol. You are the first person I’ve heard describe their food as “very good”. Most of the comments I’ve heard are “meh” and “not bad”. For their prices there is much better Italian food in our area, and even right there in Red Bank.

Oh, and everyone agrees with you about the noise level!

Only Birravino could make me actually miss Basil T’s. What was promised to be a lower price, reasonable portions alternative to the later, has become a still high priced, small portioned overall mediocre restaurant. I really don’t understand the draw of this incarnation at all…at least with Basil T’s you had a history combined with the “beer club” (never understood a high priced Italian restaurant with a beer club) that had a long standing loyal customer base.

I find very little about this place to be tolerable, the noise level included.

As previously spelled out on the board that dare not be spoken of:

Mediocre food + Liquor license = Successful restaurant in Monmouth Co.

Its a formula that repeats itself over and over.

Birravino and Undici would be prime examples.

And don’t get me started on Vic Rallo’s cooking shows.

Who would call a serious restaurant “Birravino”.

It sounds like the name of a drunken clown in an Italian Puppet Show:

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“Birravino” = “Beer-wine”

Well, I’m no connoisseur, but I really liked the first thing I ordered there (Orecchiette Rapini) and Mark thought the Chicken Parm (whatever their name for it was) was pretty good. I will admit that’s a small sample.

That location is stellar. He is right near two hotels (and others if you count surrounding areas.) Plus the traffic filters into the town from 35 and the parkway via west front. People may disagree but that is a prime location. Basils used to be decent but after going to birravino twice I never went back. This is coming from a mug club member who was a patron for a long time.

The old 5 dollar wing, burger and pizza specials were the jam back in the day. I still rock the mug collection at my bar…good memories.

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What mugs are those? All their mugs use to be brown. I use to get a kick out of the guys who came in with jugs to get filled with beer. Cork her up and hit the road!

Yep, that’s pretty much their strategy and positioning in one word.

Jr that’s about a decade worth of mugs. Each year they came out with a new mug.

I can’t knock it too much. It was a good stretch. The specials for mug club members were awesome if you were in the crew and knew the bartenders. It is a shame it turned to crap :confused:

I could swear on my life they had the same dreary brown mugs, with their members number sharpied on the bottom, hanging there for years. I never remember seeing mugs of any color. Maybe they stopped the colors after 2009?

I still have my key to my cigar locker from Ashes!

Maybe it was the lighting lol. They definitely changed colors each year as you can see in the pic.

Does anyone know if/when triumph is opening?

I swear it’s the mug club that keeps that place open. Even if it’s not official anymore, there are always buts in barstools at that place.

All of that said I do have to say that they make one of the better meatballs in our area.

But at $ 16 for one with a small portion of homemade spaghetti it’s no bargain.

Viking I presume you have had Joanne’s meatball parm? I’m not a meatball parm guy but this is one a can do

No, are they worth the trip?

Sorry by Joanne was referring to Oceanview in long branch. Good mb and chicken parm there which you probably have tried. I like fratellis chicken parm.

I thought you meant Joanne Trattoria:

It’s also supposed to have pretty good meatballs. I’ve been meaning to give them a try.