Birravino, Red Bank (NJ)

I thought I read that someone asked recently about the up-charge for the “bubbles” at Birravino. I had some business entertaining yesterday and we agreed to meet at the Dublin House since I had read their out door bar was open and I felt that was about as good of an option as we had. Alas, I show up and the outdoor bar was NOT open ((sigh)) and looking through the window I did not like the indoor bar scene.

I decided to go over to Birravino since I knew they were committed to doing responsible out-door dining maybe they had an outdoor bar set up. They did not, however they were gracious enough to let me and my colleague occupy a table (we were the only table at 5pm) in their large very social distanced spaced main tent. I would say the tables are easily 10’ feet a part and the heaters made it very comfortable. We stayed for about an hour and there were 4 other tables occupied by the time we left. I got a good look at the private igloo’s which are actually more like greenhouses than an igloo and honestly are very private.

I have not done any tent dining and only indoor dined once (which admittedly was a mistake at a location which shortly after my visit wound up being a super spreader location) however I would be comfortable dining in the private igloo or the larger tent. They do seem to be doing it “right”, obviously our comfort levels all differ, but this seems to be about as good as it can get.

I didn’t inquire about pricing but if you are crawling out of your skin (kind of like I am) for a nice dining experience this might be your spot. Whatever they are charging it seems like it would be worth it. My only word of caution is I would book an early reservation because I didn’t get to see what their between reservation cleaning regimen is, however my guess is it’s probably pretty good. (that is just a guess, err on the side of caution and be the first one to use it for the night, that is my personal advice)

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold