Big Mike’s Little Red Store [NJ]

Monk, tuna and scallops…looking like three of my favorites will be featured. Does Instagram happen to have a pic of the upcoming menu? I didn’t see anything on their website.

If you’re on IG, you can swipe through and see the photos from Local 130, but that’s all I saw.


Yes, not sure if my link will work.

I’m interested in seeing the upcoming steak menu mentioned upthread, but haven’t seen it yet.

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Here is the menu from Instagram. I took a snippet of it. It looks really good.

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That didnt work but Eli’s pic shows up. Thanks for checking guys. That is a nice looking meal.

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I picked up some Turkey chili and my friend got some chicken noodle soup and a PR, egg and cheese (aka the dirty jerz")

The chili was absolutely loaded with turkey. It had beans, fresh chopped garlic and a milder flavor. I juiced it up with some hot sauce. It was some solid chili and packed with protein. The porkroll looked very good and well balanced ratios of meat to cheese to bread. I was salivating! I’m trying to lose some weight so I didnt even take a bite. I would have then probably gotten my own lol


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