Big Mike’s Little Red Store [NJ]

I’ve heard that Mike is doing limited menu dinner from time to time. We’ve been a fan of his going back to his days at Giovanni’s in Berkeley Heights and will be checking it, although I guess you need to get on his mailing list to figure out when to show up. Has anybody been?


I’ve been quite a few times but not for dinner. I had no clue they served dinner. I think you will like this spot.

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Have inhaled more than a few breakfast sammies there, they are quite good…expect that dinner will be even better if it indeed exists.

Last weekends menu looks pretty good to me


That sounds delicious.

I called today and they have reservations on fri and Saturday. 6:00, 7:30 and 8:00. (So remember it is only open Friday and sat for dinner. Z) All week the deli closes at 4.

Jeff, I thought that duck menu looked very nice too. I was using my girl’s cell so I was poking around on FB.


Apparently some Harvard dropout has this thing called The Facebook where you can get information about dinner’s at Big Mike’s. I don’t subscribe to the exploitive service so we went over there in the flesh, ate a Dirty Jerz, and booked a table for an upcoming dinner, and look forward to it.


Nice! How was the porkroll? I like the bread there.

Definitely report back.

What do you guys think about the prices for the dinners? I cant look now since my girl is at work and I am not on FB.

If nicholas is part of this venture, I am going to say the food will be very good.

I think the dinners run about $60 a head…3-4 courses BYOB seems like a good deal. The pork roll was good and crispy, and the potato pancake with the homemade ketchup is flat out tasty.


I also don’t subscribe to that service (never have) and it truly p*sses me off that some businesses ONLY use that to communicate to potential customers.


My mom stopped by my house just now and drove by this morning at 9:30. She said the parking lot was packed (although small) and cars were parked around the surrounding streets. It appears they are making some waves.

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Not to get in a philosophical discussion about the evil empire, but it allows startups, food trucks, and hole in the walls to have a public presence without the cost and labor of a website.
For a lot of my friends, food is the only reason they’re on there.
Well, that and cat :cat2: pix.

BTW, it appears they do have a website.


I appreciate how/why some businesses use it to their advantage, but by ONLY using one social media channel, you’re missing out on other people! If nothing else, match the info on your website, especially when it involves events!

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I follow him on Instagram and he announces his dinners there. Tonight is porchetta!



We used to drive to Cape May to The James Beard award winning Red Store. We no longer have to…we have a Little Red Store here in Monmouth County. These dinners are fantastic. A five course meal for $55 a head before tax and tip, and a chef who is bringing his A Game, delivering each course personally with a brief description of the goods. The porchetta was buttery crisp perfection resting in a snappy fresh apple purée. Next week is seafood, and there’s a steak dinner later this month that is filling up fast. Prices vary, quality does not.


Just to clarify, is there a connection between the spot here and the one in Cape May? (I don’t think so, but correct me if I’m wrong!)

I don’t believe there is any relation.

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No connection other than the words Red and Store and a commitment to fine dining.

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