Biba in Sacramento closed but Bologna is still there

Biba was born and raised in Bolognas and her first book Northern Italian Cooking is a classic. Bologna is the food town in Italy. It is called Il Grasso, the fat one in Italy.
It isn’t fancy or trendy or flashy it is exactly what the people of Bologna eat.
Biba died a while ago after a long period of dementia during which she graced the restaurant but didn’t speak. She was always a sweetheart. The restaurant closing and Biba being gone is very sad. But her recipes go on. But we live in Sad times.
I have her books, and cooked my first Ragu bolognese from her recipe, and have given Northern Italian Cooking to our kids. So she is still here for me.

Biba’s Northern Italian Cooking is still available or go to Bologna and eat.
My favorite restaurant in Bologna is Da Cesare.


I dined at her restaurant years ago in Sacramento.
Wonderful. Would watch her cooking show also.

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I seem to remember a previous post about Bubba but never ended up going.

Thank you for posting this about Biba. I feel sad that she is gone because she was such a delight to watch on PBS. I have 2 of her books but not Northern Italian Cooking, so I found a nice affordable copy just now and ordered it. Thanks, again, to you and Biba both.


I’ve been to her restaurant a few times and always enjoyed it. She lived just a couple blocks away from my home and her daughters backyard backs up to my backyard, so they say. I’ve never met them.

I’ve heard Mattone has several former Biba cooks now running their kitchen. We went once recently and look forward to returning.

Madame Biba was a Sacramento icon, and after a decade I’ve grown to love my adopted home town. So long, dear Biba, and thank you for your contributions and your excellence.