Bettering Frozen Pizza in a Breville?

At the outset, this is NOT the way I usually make pizza…

So I have a new (replacement) Breville 845 “smart” oven, and I’ve always been disappointed in the slummy/quick route with frozen pies. So I found a stone, which simply doesn’t work well in the programmed “pizza” modes and their several variations.

Has someone here found a dependable way to cook a frozen pie on a preheated stone using other program modes, or hacked a way to an acceptable (in a hurry) pie? For instance, I’m used to using the broiler in my regular oven to goose my steel well above 500F. But I’m leery of taking the BSO over 500F.

Who here is a BSO Pizza Guru?


I’m not a guru with the BSO or frozen pizza, but I don’t think you’d want to cook a frozen pizza at a super high temperature. My guess is that the outside would burn before the rest of the pizza had thawed/cooked properly.

This is good advice. I will A-B frozen and thawed.

I note Breville’s tacit admission that pizza is problematic–in addition to the included round steel pan, they offer both a stone and a perforated pizza “crisper” pan.

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Disclaimer: I f%#king love Breville ovens - just bought the “new” model after my 10+ year old one started heating a bit unevenly.

Have you tried moving the rack to the lower position, putting a pan in, and preheating at 450 degrees (maybe using the roast setting) for a while? I use the lower rack a lot for stuff like roasted potatoes where I want a serious crust. Also any pie where I need a lot of heat for the bottom crust to bake properly.


A true Brevophile would get the “Air” model. JK.


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