Better boiled bataters

How did I live 66 years without learning this one? The video seems to be of a Yukon Gold, which has a thinner, easier-to-peel skin than all-purpose potatoes, but I will be trying this method on the latter, later today.

WOW!!! I can’t wait to try it. I’ve waited pretty long myself!!

Works on beets too.

Put on my imaginary lab coat and experimented. With a chef’s knife, I girdled two all-purpose potatoes that were rather thin-skinned, brought one to a boil starting with cold water, and steamed the other in a tightly-lidded steamer above it. They were cooked for the same amount of time, and both skins slipped off pretty easily, but in several pieces, not the neat degloving seen in the video.

I had about the same luck as you. These were thin skinned potatoes as well.

Here’s a different take, without the scored peel:|htmlws-main-bb|dl24|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D-1691278744
I noticed that the graphic at the start says “bare hands”, while the guy demonstrating wears gloves.

The video that follows it shows a nifty means of peeling a hardcooked egg, which I’ll try next time one fights me: egg i9to partially-filled glass of water, hold hand over rim, shake. The peel comes off completely. Seems like the easier thing would be to use a jar with a lid.

I just steamed a scored all-purpose potato - wow! I heard a pop. There it was, having popped right out of its skin like a giant kernel of popcorn. Perhaps a scant eighth inch of flesh remains attached to the two skin “cups”. They are really begging for a deep fryer. I won’t do that, but AM going to spritz them with some Pam, sprinkle with seasoning and parmesan, and see what happens if I briefly bake them at high heat.

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Fish market.
Credit: Ramesh SA, Flickr