Best ways to use Sourdough Bread

I’m guilty of forcing sourdough in situations it doesn’t belong. Peanut butter jelly, tuna salad, pastrami. Even french toast. I love the texture, the tang, the romantic notion of sourdough starter, everything. But my zeal isn’t helping we win many converts.

I’ve had good results with grilled cheese sandwiches, butter, olive oil, and croutons. What are some other good uses for sourdough? Maybe sourdough pairs really well with a specific type of cheese. Or maybe some type of smoked or canned fish. I’m open to any and all suggestions.

I honestly can’t think of any use where it’s not good. :slight_smile:

A side note re croutons. We take whole slices, brush with garlic infused OO and ‘toast’ it in the panini grill. Remove it and cut in cubes.


Panzanella, monte cristo sandwiches


For myself I always prefer sourdough bread toasted. It’s especially good for sauted mushrooms on toast with poached eggs. One of my favourite breakfast/brunch dishes.


Grilled in butter makes great hamburger buns. Low in fat LOL


I’ll echo catholiver’s comment that sourdough is great with everything. I particularly love sourdough’s ability to be used in bread-pudding once it has gone ‘old’. The best part of the no carb diet trend is that there is always plenty of bread to be found and leftovers are ample at my office!


Excellent for simple toast with cream cheese or a mild cheese like brie.
Good with veggies- grilled veggie sandwich, dunked in veg soups, as avocado toast, and perfect as croutons.
clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl is popular for good reason.
Great for panzanella once tomatoes are in season


I have not done it in a while but I like using sourdough as the base of a not-too-sweet bread pudding. A nice crusty sourdough makes a bread pudding that has texture and a hint of tang.

Simply grilled . Drizzle with OO . Top with good quality anchovies .

…or sardines

On the bread pudding note- savory bread pudding with mushrooms would work with sourdough bread.

Sauteed mushrooms with poached eggs was excellent, but that’s sort of like cheating, similar to grilling in butter. (Meaning anything would be good with that.) Looks like mushrooms/eggs will be on the menu for a while, though.

Bread salad has always escaped me. I just don’t have a knack for it, either too dry or too wet.

Could anyone recommend good quality anchovies and/or sardines? The cheapo Cento brand has been just okay, and I’m ready to move on. Would you consider King Oscar sardines as good? That’s what I started with, and my latest purchase at Trader Joe’s was a step back. I’ve seen olive oil packed, harissa packed, etc. Bones/skin doesn’t bother me.

You may want to start a thread on that subject. Bigger and better audience.

I remember a number of threads on sardines from CH but was just finding ones on how/what to eat with them and this one which is several years old- king oscar is popular. Much to my chagrin i had a coworker who was a bit obsessed with the Wild Planet sardines (and other fragrant tinned fish they make)

Agostino Recca

True. I always forget to check the CH archives for these sorts of things. Will do that before starting another thread.

Salt-packed or oil-packed?

II think the salt packed have a slight edge . I have a unopened can on my counter I’m ready to break into . I had them a while ago and they were great after rinsing with water . I had a small tin of the oil packed a couple days ago . Very good also , Just different because of the oil .

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