Best value decent induction converter plate?

Hi all.
This is my first post after introducing myself and I was looking for your advise.
I re-tin and supply copper cookware and often get asked “does it work on induction”. Clearly the answer here is no but I would like to be able to offer a solution to those with induction that want to use tin lined copper.
Having not ever tried this myself I am only assuming these induction converters do offer a reasonable way round this problem?
Looking for something that works well, is available in the UK or fairly cheap to ship 5 or so to the UK and does not cost the earth.
Not asking much I know, but hoping you have the answer?
All the best, Steve

Ps, is there a way I could of added UK board as well as cookware?

Welcome on board!

UK board are mainly for restaurant reviews. I guess UK members read the cookware threads too.

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Hi Steve,
Welcome to the board.

I found this to be an interesting read regarding converter disks:

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Thanks for the link seamunky.
Looks as if a flat, planished copper base will work to a fair extent with one of these going by the results?
Would love to hear other examples of use, success or failure.
Thanks again, Steve