Best uses for malt vinegar...

On many occasions like during St. Patrick’s Day festivities we have been served malt vinegar as a condiment at our local taverns and pubs. Tried some on our fish & chips last night, but never used it much. What are its best uses…

When it’s served with fish and chips, it’s meant for sprinkling on your chips.

Sprinkle lavishly over your fish, chips and mushy peas.

Or mix with sugar and chopped mint, for the classic British sauce to go with lamb (although traditionally, at this time of yearwe’re still on mutton (or hogget) and onion sauce for a while yet - and, indeed, that is tonight’s dinner)

Other than that, I really only use it when making pickles and chutneys.

It is a decent substitute for Toddy Vinegar used in Goan cooking.

It’s the best for pickling onions. I use the little white onions.

As already mentioned, sprinkled over hot fish and chips. I also enjoy malt vinegar sprinkled on hot and crunchy onion rings, over just made popcorn and its terrific sprinkled on scrambled eggs.

Also, consider using it in salad dressing. Mixed with your fav oil and a few spices its a nice sub for regular vinegar.

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French fries doused in malt vinegar with ketchup for dipping is one of my favorite sides. We also use it with other fried seafood, like shrimp and clams.

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I may have to try it on scrambled eggs. Curiosity gets me.

In the UK, you can buy “pickling vinegar” - malt vinegar but with the pickling spices already infused. Personally, I prefer normal malt vinegar and do my own infusing. I always add a pinch of the pickling spice, minus the chillis, to the jars of onions. It heightens the flavour over the months. I make them in the autumn and the first taste of the new batch is with lunch on Boxing Day, invariably with a large slice of pork pie.

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Thanks, so far! Based on these recs I will be paying more attention to malt vinegar down the line…

I had malt vinegar on my eggs this morning because this thread reminded me to use what I have on hand!

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As mentioned already, slathered on well salted F&C.

A modest splash on a lightly salted raw sliced tomato sandwich is a real winner.

Not so sure about the suggestion to use it in a salad dressing. You might want to try that out in a very small batch prior to serving it to anyone.

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Ooops. Forgot Yorkshire Salad. Thinly sliced onion and cucumber soused in malt vinegar. A traditional accompaniment to roast beef in my part of the world.

Fair point. Recommendations should be tried in small batch. I do the same.