Best Turkey Roasting Method

So I have come up with a method for roasting Turkeys that just gives the best results, which I thought I would share. It is kind of a synthesis if other methods I have seen.

First I get the bird out the fridge, wash and dry it. I season it up with a dry rub.

Then a place a row of celery ribs and half carrots in the bottom of the roasting pan and place the bird breast down on these. Do not stuff bird, if you want you can put fresh herbs in the cavity.

Preheat oven to 450 and roast bird for 30 minutes or until you start to smell turkey.

Reduce heat to 375 and roast for another hour.

Pull bird, flip it beast side up, and let it finish roasting for 90 minutes at 325. This is why you use the celery and carrots, the bird does not stick when you flip it.

Turn off the oven and let bird rest for a half hour in oven before carving.

The high heat sear followed by the low finishing with flipping half way through results in a really juicy tender bird. I’ve been doing this method for five years now with universally great results. The only thing that might work better is a really big rotisserie.

This is for a 12 lb bird, for bigger you would need to adjust times.

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It’s a non-starter for this family, VK, if the dressing isn’t cooked in both of the two turkey cavities. Probably four generations backward and forward demand that approach. But that’s just us out here in Flyover Country…

Hey, no judgement here. Tradition is tradition.

This method works a little like a rotisserie so anything in the middle interferes with the flow.

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