best store bought dumpling wrapper for quick pierogi?


Suppose a person is dough-shy but likes pierogi. Is there an East Asian commercial dumpling wrapper brand that would be a good sub for pierogi wrapper dough in terms of taste, thickness, and texture?

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Nice topic, I’m curious as to the responses! Although I know when I’ve made dumplings at home the dough was relatively easy. (though I have to give my wife credit for that)


This doesn’t answer your question, exactly, but your query gave me an idea (which I quickly learned was not mine alone):


Several sites suggest Wonton wrappers.

As for brand recommendation, maybe @shrinkrap can help.


I have pictures of the local brands. I’ll try to add them.

Disclaimer; I’ve not used any Asian wrappers for wonton or pierogi.

I use empanada wrappers for “patties”. I’ll have to read about how they are different. Pretty sure patties, and empanada wrappers have some leavening.

Oops! Didn’t see the part about “dough shy”.


Great idea!

Look at ingredients— pierogi dough typically has egg, salt, and a fat ( butter, vegetable oil, sour cream. Not a fat, but sometimes even mashed potatoes kind of like gnocchi dough).

Whichever wrapper you go with, use plenty of salt in the water, like you were making Italian pasta. See also Any tricks to making pelmeni or pierogi ?

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Can you buy empanada wrappers? That seems closer than an East Asian dumpling wrapper. Even pizza dough or pie dough might work.


You can where I am (N. Cal.)
A few brands, and for baking or for frying.

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The thicker, round dumpling wrappers might work.

ETA: there’s this dumpling thread with some discussion of wrappers and some more links.

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I know you don’t want to make wrappers, but there’s also this thing (and variations for different sizes) that makes a bunch of pierogi from a giant sheet of dough…