Best Sports Bar with Food for NCAA's in Monmouth?

Any thoughts for best grub for the tournament?

Is this food or TV centric? Or both

While not the typical sports bar, I would say our recent trip to Rory’s in Sea Bright has to put it in contention. Plenty of TV’s, nice layout, very good food! (Especially if you hit it Mon or Tues 1/2 price night)

I’m down for tomorrow or Tuesday if you are around. I’d like to get in another round or two before the winter special is over. Let me know. I want to give those coconut shrimp a go and those balsamic wings seem intriguing. Hell, at a few bucks a plate I’m pretty much game to try anything. @NotJrvedivici @seal @BossaNova


I think both.

The first couple of days of the tournament it is good to have 4 TV’s running. You never know when Podunk U is gonna make a run on Duke.

And of course the food should be good. Lots of cheesy, spicy, salty finger foods. Nachos, wings, sausage rolls, pizza, meltaways, pot stickers etc.

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I can do either day but Tuesday preferred

Sorry I’m definitely not available tomorrow and I’m questionable for Tues.

Tuesday works for me. @NotJrvedivici will just take his helicopter over and we will be chomping down wings by 6 lol. @BossaNova @seal

@VikingKaj well the half price Monday and Tuesday menu at rory’s should work for you. However, it is a winter special so I am not sure when it ends. Everything on the food menu is half off and they have a nice TV array. Sadly, it seems the good old drinking days at sports bars are part of my past, and maybe of this area. Maybe someone can make some better recommendations.

The gaslight in Atlantic higlands has some some nice tvs, but you will literally need a second mortgage to make it pass the first half. Nothing is cheap.

Surf BBQ has one monster TV I love, but you will pay the Rumson tax and have to get there early to get a good seat near that beast. Again, you can go broke here.

Globe in rb? I haven’t been I a while.

Has anyone been to red rock? @gcaggiano might have some recs. He is local.

Urban coal house is a good spot for sports but you will probably have to get there early. They have a bar menu that isn’t too bad. 8 dollar dishes at the bar. I normally get wings and a pizza for 16. Check the times on those specials

You can try some dive bars like old village pub in middletown, chubby pickle in highlands, or the Walt street pub.

The Globe was excellent when I was there over the fall.

I wrote a rather loving review of the place known as a dive but was anything but. They found it and shared it on their Facebook page. I got thousands of hits…and a personal thank you from the owner. Link here:

Surprisingly good food!

Nice review @gcaggiano

I haven’t been there in a LONG time. I used to go there frequently in my earlier years.

For sports I might chuck up vals. The thin crust pizza is pretty tasty and they have decent tvs. It isn’t going to be the best sports bar or have the best food, but it is a decent time. A sausage pizza there is my thing. @VikingKaj

Sorry man, no way I can get out this week. Not even thinking about any more wings right now.

Maybe some weekend lunch at Jack’s one day.

Anybody ever been to Fireside in Marlboro?

Fireside Grill & Bar
133 S Main St, Marlboro Township, NJ 07746
(732) 780-7900

They are supposed to be a big sports bar.

They have disco fries on the menu, I haven’t seen those in a long time.

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Never been to Fireside, but their parking lot is PACKED every time I pass by it.

I went when the first rebuilt/opened and was horribly disappointed with the food. Granted this was 5-7 years ago so anything can change.

Nothing really special about fireside…been there a few times last few years
First time was memorable due to some gluttony special… lb burger maybe a lb or 2 of fries and onion rings
They put a timer …eat in an hour get free t shirt…knocked it out in 15 min…other than that it’s competable to an applbys or TGIF. For big screens and burgers I prefer Moores Tavern in Freehold …2 for 1 burgers on Tuesday …but will get crowded

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Btw …I haven’t been to an Applebys or a TGIF in 10-15 yrs …so maybe not best descriction

Chubby pickle has 5 burgers on Wednesday and taco Tuesday, which I haven’t tried. The 5 dollar burgers are decent for the price…probably better than decent.

I don’t think they actually play any audio so keep that in mind. Their TV set up is not bad.

McDonagh’s in Keyport has good burgers (and good other foods, including a 14-ounce pretzel) and a usually busy bar crowd with plenty of TV’s. Good place to watch hockey and baseball, so I imagine good for NCAA too.

@VikingKaj I heard the 5.00 burgers at portside are decent on monday. Apparently this place is railed by 5:30. My friend went this Monday and could not get a seat. 5 bucks for ANY burger and you get fries.

@gcaggiano might have more Intel but I heard it is happening.

Was just on the Spring Lake Tap House site, as a local musician I like is playing there. They say they’re the “Best Sports Bar at the Shore”…has anyone been? I don’t care about the sports bar part–but I’m curious to know if they have a decent burger/more, so I figured I’d tack it on to this thread.