Best Sports Bar with Food for NCAA's in Monmouth?

(David) #21

I’m sorry, but I am not a sports guy. But the best food served at a bar with too many tv’s all with sports on is still Jack’s Goal Line Stand in West Long Branch. I will be avoiding eating there until after March Madness is over, but I am already craving those wings and fries.


I like McGillicuddy’s in Loch Arbour.


Can’t do it. Lady time I was in there, there was not only a roach crawling up the wall, but a mouse ran across the main dining room! It’s a shame, because I could walk there…


That is too bad. That would certainly make me hesitant to return. I have being going there “forever” and have never seen anything like that.

(Roland) #25

I’ve seen the mice but never inside. If you sit at the high top by the window looking out main toward the lake, that’s where I have seen the mice running outside


I totally understand that they’re literally ON the lake and there are critters around and that every restaurant has an ugly side, but I can’t unsee that.

(Tom T) #27

I enjoy Jacks as well. And grading on a sports bar curve their pizza is edible too.


I’ve been a few times. I would go back for beers and to watch a game. The food wasn’t great but not terrible. But they embrace whatever game is on by doing specials etc. People get into it so I bet it would be a great place to watch March Madness.


I’m pretty sure that Jack’s is in West End, which is a part of Long Branch, not West Long Branch. FYI. and anyone who might be interested in going there.


Not Monmouth, but close by…

(Junior) #31

Yeah they just built this location from the group up, I was wondering what the hell an “Arooga” was! It’s only a mile or two from my office.

(Jeff) #32

We drove by Friday night about 930 and the parking lot was packed


Remember I said somewhere on IG I had seen a post about someone showing the games? Surf BBQ in Rumson. They’re Villanova-centric (as in, they may be an official watch location for alums) but say they’re showing all games.


They have one huge tv! It is awesome