Best scrubbers ever

I was reading the thread asking for suggestions on how to clean a pan with a stubborn stain. I have been using Japanese sand clean scrubbers after I discovered them years ago at Mitsuwa. They feel like a sand coated ball of rubber bands. They are long lasting and will easily last several weeks of use. Will clean some of the worst baked or burned on stains off nearly any metal or glass cookware. Try one out. You will be amazed at what it can clean.

If you don’t live near a Japanese market, you can mail order them. Korin provides an instruction video.


The title draw me to the thread. Disappointed to realise that this was not the traditional British slang word being discussed.

Scrubber - low class promiscuous woman

Not really in common use these days. Thankfully.


I’m going to try to find these, if not I’ll try to order online.
Great idea opening it up to a wider audience as I find a lot of tips, tricks and useful information gets buried within threads.
So unless you are following that particular topic or thread you may miss out.

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Harters you always make me laugh.


I wonder the purpose of putting the sandpaper on rubber bands, maybe just get different similar grades of sand paper? Or different grades of fine steel wool.

I use the blue scratch pad to get surface gunk off if present that is non-scratching. For harder to clean spots, I think Bon Ami 1886 does a good job, but still non-scratching, more so than BKF for SS, and depending on how dry of a paste you make. I’ve been mostly using the BKF for SS lately because I don’t use prolines anymore, just to give it a shine or get rid of that weird water stain sometimes if I don’t use vinegar and water.

For other material, a Dobie pad works well for things like Corning ware.