Best of Asbury [NJ]

(Retired !) #65

I’m guessing that’s the pie with sinsemilla instead of basil on top.


Baked while burning the house down.


Notice the resemblance here?

(Wayne G. Robinson) #66

In my opinion, food and politics are a very bad mix.

(Retired !) #67

Not a big fan of legalizing the herb?

After all, it is a key ingredient in Hash Brownies.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #68

You do know what is said about assumptions, right?

(Greg Caggiano) #69

And I might add that I do teach a class on liquor at Brookdale Community College.

The field work and preparation is so difficult. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Eli Paryzer) #70

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it :grin:

(Greg Caggiano) #71

That’s what I tell people. #martyr

(Retired !) #72

Knowing some of the students there this seems utterly redundant.

But if you can get paid for that, good for you.


I teach a class on tail gating 101.

Greg and vk, if you haven’t seen it check out “heavy metal parking lot” on YouTube. It is a good clip!

(Greg Caggiano) #74

Well, it is the history of liquor. From biblical wines to the absinthe panic and prohibition, etc.

I do get paid, and it is quite good for me. Thank you.


Good stuff Gregg. That’s always cool to make money on something you like!

(Greg Caggiano) #76

It is, though I must admit I’d do that class for them if they just gave me a bottle of something something. :smiley:


Lol…I bet.

Have you ever had real absinthe? I hear it tastes awful, and this is from my high school friend that lived on Molson xxx in our ealier partying years

(Greg Caggiano) #78

Yes, I have two bottles in my collection. I think it is pretty good when properly mixed with water or, better yet, champagne. You would not want to drink it straight up. It is too strong and bitter, usually running with a proof of 120-140. It is not the greatest drink in the world, but I love it for the history behind it.

(Junior) #79

“ I must admit I’d do that class for them if they just gave me a bottle of something something. :smiley:

Wait, is this a thing because I can teach something!!

(Greg Caggiano) #80

The class is indeed real. I do history lectures for Brookdale, and one of the classes is about liquor.

(Retired !) #81

Well the class may exist but that doesn’t make it a real class…

If you want to go to a school on this topic I’d suggest you hit the bar at Brothers at 4:30 pm.


(Junior) #82

I wasn’t questioning the legitimacy of the class, I just want free booze if they will pay me by the bottle.

(Retired !) #83

Well let’s open this up again.

Anybody tried Plaza Tapatia?

What’s the verdict?


I haven’t, but have had many people tell me it’s good…