Best of Asbury [NJ]

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Wow. That’s not good.

Simkos wouldn’t be my first choice, but it is reasonable and family friendly.


I’m not saying it is bad but I haven’t been back lol

Once you turn a requested rare burger into something I won’t even eat, I need a convincing reason to come back

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Agreed. No doubt.

Have you tried the Harpoon burger yet? It’s awesome, almost as good as Frankie’s.

When Helga gets to choose we end up at Harpoons. She prefers the view.

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Hey JS. Another thought. Pete & Eldas. You could get free t-shirts. :wink:


I wonder what the new mad hatter will be like.

It appears it might be ready by the winter. I can assure you the days of dollar drafts and 5.00 pie specials are over

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Yep. They way things are going you will need to have worked at Goldman Sachs to be able to afford to live around here.


I hear they will have the Phil Murphy and Bon jovi pie

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Can anybody explain to me what’s the difference between Arak, Raki, Ouzo, Sambucca, Aguardiente, Anisette, Pastis etc. ?

They all taste the same to me, especially after you add water.

I will note that Turkish Raki in particular has produced some especially spectacular hangovers.


I don’t drink it but any Simpsons fans may remember this classic

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Here’s a picture:


Story here:

Menu of expensive bar food is my guess.

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Of the group, I have had Anisette, Sambucca, and Ouzo. The three of them, as well as Raki, are anise-based spirits. They rose to popularity after Absinthe found itself banned around most of the world. Ouzo is essentially Anisette without the added sugar, at least to me. The ABV’s can vary, but Sambucca is usually the strongest and slightly less sweet than Anisette. When you add water, yes they taste very similar and become cloudy due to the water bringing out the release of oils.

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And when you do frozen shots, really bad things happen.


Great. So we will have woody’s 2 about 6 years later


I’m not a huge fan of anise in general, but I actually enjoy Ouzo and Arak, and now, thankyouverymuch @gcaggiano, I think I know why! They syrupy sweet stuff probably makes the flavor more potent!

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Or Tommy’s 4.

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You are welcome. I’m an expert in liquor! (Wow, does that sound wrong…) :smiley:

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Hopefully not like Lord Nelson, cf the steak thread.


I’m refraining from making SO many comments.

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I appreciate it! :smile: