Best Fried Chicken in Houston?

I had lunch there once, I thought it was good!

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I’ve eaten at the one in Katy. Pretty good. Chicken very tasty. The bulgogi is only mediocre but that’s not why you came. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Chicken is their raison d’etre.

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The Signature Cafe at Randalls is a Safeway brand, I think. I have assumed you could walk into a Safeway anywhere and get the same fried chicken. Maybe not. I’m pretty sure I never tried the fc at Randall’s before it became Safeway.

5 piece dark special with dirty rice (with complimentary spork) from Frenchy’s.

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I don’t know. Safeway blows. I remember, when they elbowed their way into the market, they took over a beautiful, almost new Weingarten’s on Edgebrook and excuse the language, turned it into a smoking turd seemingly overnight. I think they could screw up fried chicken.

We’ll at least they’re gone now and Randall’s is pretty much the same but the high prices and none close by keep me away, hello MY HEB Bunker Hill, but no fried chicken.

Never had Frenchys and I went to UH. Missed that boat.

I suggest an excursion, don’t forget the red beans and rice with andouille, in the same league as the chicken and some pretty good greens.

I’m up for any sort of excursion. Going out to SFO Bay area for few days. Back May 9th. Also got plans for Mother’s Day. But other than that would love to meet any and/or all of y’all any time.

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I was looking at the pictures on Yepl; there used to be a fried chicken dinner for two on the menu. Apparently our fearless reporter hadn’t bothered to check out the current menu.

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I drove by the original Babe’s in Roanoke about 10 years ago ---- huge line. It’s family style AYCE as best I recall. They’re all over the place now up there apparently.

There was a similar place in Abilene - Belle’s??? - that I had on my list as possible last fall but passed it by.

The Rice Box was/is (?) a food truck specializing in Americanized Chinese food favorites. Hadn’t heard about the chicken. They had a stand in the Greenway Plaza underground, I think; don’t know if it’s still there. They have converted a former Chirps in the Heights, on 19th a block or so east of Penzey’s.

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned - I didn’t notice it above - but Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken from Nashville is coming to Washington Ave sometime soon.

Eater Houston

I’ve never been to Nashville nor had Nashville style hot chicken. One I’ve been reading about and would like to see here is Howlin’ Ray’s in Los Angeles.

More than 350 posts on this thread.

That would be why I haven’t heard of it.

How exciting! I’ve always wanted to try Nashville hot chicken!


Oops, from the Eater article:

"Gus’s is known for its spicy fried chicken, not to be confused with Nashville’s famous hot chicken "

Yeah – I have no idea what that last comment means!

Fried chicken Tuesday at Nino’s. This was really delicious.

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I love it - Italian Fried Chicken. I don’t see it on the menu - is it a regular Tuesday special.

I was thinking Tony Mandola’s was on one of those lists above but I must have gotten it mixed up with something. Another branch of the Mandola family.

Apparently they have daily specials not on the menu, but this fried chicken can be made to order any day. I arrived to meet a group who had already ordered this chicken (a whole chicken) as an “appetizer!” Haha! Love my friends. It was delicious, super juicy and tender and well seasoned, at least the one wing I ate. Now I wonder if I can get it at my nearby Pronto Cucinino, the fast casual version of Nino’s/Vincent’s.

I’m kind of a Mandola groupie. Ask for Sal if you go to Nino’s. Best server in town, hands down.


Now that’s the kind of tip this board was made for.

Bout time!

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The best margaritas at El Tiempo Washington Avenue are made by Emiliano, ask for skinny. Ask for Arturo if you get a table and have him make the margaritas. He used to be a bartender.

The best waiter at the not the original Ninfa’s, if you must go, is Omar, I assume he’s still there but it’s been a few years. His dad Ronnie took care of us starting in the late 70’s.


I usually end up at El Tiempo on Montrose (1308) even though I’m closer to the Washington location, because my co-conspirators like the wait staff there.

I wasn’t a huge fan of El Tiempo due to their prices and used to talk to Texasredtop back on CH about it. She adored the crab quesadillas and once I tried it I never went back. Or actually I did, go back, many times. Super fresh crab piled on a quesadilla with cheese and bacon.

Maybe I should start a crab topic, especially with soft shell season here, but fresh crab is nigh on impossible to find anymore. I don’t know what it is, but it is rare that the crab is not ammoniated, indicating old seafood or very badly raised seafood. See for example, my formerly favorite dish at Churrasco’s, the crab finger appetizers. It’s been many of years since I have had a whole order of fresh fingers there, there’a always several that slap that ammonia in my face and up my nose in the most unpleasant way.

All that to say I have never, ever had ammoniated crab in the quesadillas, enchiladas or crab nachos at El Tiempo. For that they have my devotion at any location.


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