Best food deals in NJ (not restaurant)

So I am pretty frugal, and one of the great joys in my life is finding good deals in food. I thought I’d start a topic and see if anyone else is into getting deals the way I am. I’m going to start with deals that are always there and always good, and I’m hoping others will do the same. If there’s a ridiculous sale you see anywhere, come share it here!

Wegmans: I only go here for meat. They don’t do sales here, but the family packs are always at sale prices. 2$ chicken breast, 1$ whole chicken, 1.59 pork shoulder. They also have really good quality consistent steaks at near-costco prices

Shoprite: Probably has the best sales around, and a really great clearance bin. They have a bread clearance section and a prepared foods clearance up front, and meat clearance. The meat section can be suspect - I’ve bought spoiled things here before, usually chicken, but with things like cured or smoked meats it’s an excellent bargain.

Mexican markets: There’s a small chain of markets called “Super Supermarkets” and there’s one in Asbury. While it always smells a little funky here, they have unbeatable deals from time to time. A great deal that’s always in rotation is 49-59c chicken leg quarters. Limes are usually on sale for like 8 for a $. They regularly do 5lb potatoes for a buck. You can also find all sorts of weird items here you won’t see at other markets. Like fowl.

Fish: I pretty much refuse to get fish at any place other than Korean markets. 1.99 mackerel is my go to and I usually end up at H Mart.

Produce: Any Asian market or “farmers market.” There’s one I go to in Ocean. Unfortunately no one goes there so the quality can be suspect from time to time, but the prices can’t be beat.

Aldi: Has surprisingly good prices from time to time!

Best Market: Only a couple locations but probably the best combination of meat and produce prices out of all the American chains. They sell no roll beef here!

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This week:

Aldi: 99c Avocados!
Shoprite: 2$ corned beef!
Foodtown: $1.77 London broil! :scream:

Forgot to mention - Walmart has whole brisket for really cheap! Under 3$/lb last time I checked.

I venture into Super Supermarket when I need limes, or as they call them on the sign “green lemons”


Absolutely subscribe to frugal food shopping. I recently learned about Net Cost in Manalapan and have found their prices on produce, dairy, jarred foods and bakery items to be outstanding. Euro butter was $1.99 # and two lbs. of fresh tomatoes $1.99 last visit.

I shop Aldi for the basics. .69 doz. eggs, limit 6 last trip.

Stop and Shop clearance bread is usually $1.50 for whatever is bagged on the shelf.

Dollar Stores can be full of unexpected surprises. Last trip, canned black beans, foil, frozen juice, .50-$1.00 sometimes two for a buck.

Asian Market for tofu, herbs, tea, rice, bottled sauces and holiday candy.

I splurge for fish at Keyport Fishery market but buy based on special that week. We don’t eat much meat. Chickens, Costco pre roasted birds for $5 makes life easy.

Panera Bread, end of night, half price to free for whats left.

Senior day is Wed at DnD, free coffee. 60 and older.

I figure, what I save food shopping I spend eating out! But, my wife keeps an eye out for happy hour deals and we use market coupons.


I have a couple of friends who have been raving about Aldi…got to get over there! One hint: their version of Pringles are better than actual Pringles. Confirmed by a 26 year-old, so it must be true!

Bring me with you when you go. It’s a trip, they don’t give you grocery bags.

@Rooster Aldi has 24oz tomatos for a buck this week! Excellent deal. And .69 doz eggs is amazing. I really need to get my ass over to Net Cost.

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For those of us who always bring our own, not a big deal. (PriceRite, the downscale branch of ShopRite in Massachusetts and elsewhere, has never given away bags, but you can buy fairly sturdy plastic ones from them for 10 cents each.)

ShopRite’s semi-annual “Can-Can” sales are the best for stocking up on canned beans, mushrooms, and tomato products. Their produce is reasonable, but the “farmer’s markets” (which aren’t, really) are usually cheaper if you don’t care about perfectly shaped peppers, etc. Asian Food Mart for their specialties, and Patel’s for theirs (and spices).

Aldi’s never seemed very appealing to me for some reason.

Does aldi still have the steaks wrapped in bacon? I havent had them in years but kind of recall those being pretty decent for a low price. My boys and I used to cook those up late night and they tasted pretty good. Then again, probably most things would have been tasty at that point lol

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I can’t walk out of there without a boatload of chocolate
Extremely reasonable prices for good quality

Reposting … good news Regarding Aldi


Route 9 Farmers Market in Freehold & Old Bridge has Jumbo Eggs for $.79/doz lately - no limit. They have good prices on produce but you have to watch the quality. Herbs are a good deal there also and they are the only place I know that always has Horseradish… ShopRite has Top Round London Broil on sale starting tomorrow for $1.67 with the coupon in the circular. Somebody’s got 80% ground beef for $1.99 this week also - it’s Acme or ShopRite.

Has anyone seen the price of Vanilla lately? Yowsa! I know - bad crop & all that but it’s still really high right now.

Headed to Net Cost last night and walked away with some lovely pastries by the lb. Honey cake, Mozart cake, cheese danish, poppy seed danish and cone cream puffs. Spent $20 for the whole lot, fed eight people this morning. Very fresh baked goods and the bakery employees offer sample tastes before you buy.

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My wife buys vanilla beans in bulk from this company. The 1/8 lb size contains 15-20 individual beans. The prices have gone up a bit; we once paid $20 for the same size but its still a deal and if stored properly lasts a long time.

1.67 London Broil is HOT HOT HOT!! Looks like I’m gonna be eating roast beef for a while.

Thanks Dan - that’s about the going rate although I’m unsure what ‘Planifolia’ vanilla beans are. I’m going to have to look that up. Actually, I got lucky & scored a pound of weed - no wait, not weed - Madagascar Bourbon beans for $125.

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TAHITIAN beans we buy. I’m not sure what the other is either. $125 is a very good price. The quality of this seller is outstanding. My wife only orders 2-3 times a year.

Going rate for that many beans to the 1/8 lb. is much higher in our immediate area and the pods are tiny and sort of dry usually. We decided to buy online because of the weak availability locally.

If you have a local source at a very reasonable price you are fortunate.

Tell me about Net Cost. What kind of store is it? What would make it worthwhile for me to drive at least 1/2 hour for it? Thanks for any info.

@Susieqq3 A bit more info near the bottom of this thread