BEST DEAL EVER?! - Maryland Blue Crab at out-of-this-world price!

Whilst doing some grocery shopping at Scarborough’s Bestco Fresh Food Mart. I walked past their seafood/fish department and noticed their Maryland Blue Crab were on special, selling for $4.99 per pound, down from $7.99.
At the same time, a staff member was removing some ’ supposedly recent dead ones ’ from the pan and placing them into plastic bags. He then labelled the bags of about 14 crabs per bag for an unbelievable price of $1.99!!..I immediately grab a bag, thinking…no way I am going to let this rare opportunity go by to make some super ‘el-cheapo’ Crab Cakes!
Unpacking the bag at home, I noticed at least half of them were still moving and alive!! even better deal!

3+ pounds of Blue Crab at $15+ for only $1.99??!! Speechless!!😁👍😋