Best cheese store in NJ?

Hi, which store in NJ has all the obscure French cheeses (vacherin fribourgeois, etc) for fondue or other cheeses? Surprised even whole foods here doesn’t have as wide a selection (they’re always out of comte somehow and only have the basic variety).

I rarely shop for obscure French cheeses. Have you tried Delicious Orchards in Colts Neck?

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I agree that Delicious Orchards is a good place to try. Another that might have what you’re looking for is The Cheese Cave, in Red Bank.

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Not sure if they have the exact cheeses you are looking for, but The Cheese Cave in Red Bank is my personal favorite.

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Wine Library in Springfield has a great cheese selection including a lot of harder to find varieties.


Cheese Cave in Red Bank or Sickle’s Market in Little Silver are my go to places. When I lived in Union County I would also go to Summit Cheese shop…they have been there for many years…


Have you called Cheese on Main in Ocean Grove?

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I’ve called a bunch of stores in the city and NJ. It looks like Summit carries it during the winter!! Thanks guys! I’ll check out the other stores if and when I’m in the neighborhood. Interesting how these cheese shops are mostly close to the shore rather than inland?

@Eathru, I think that the reason for this is that most of the responders live close to the shore! One of the great weaknesses of this board is that there are very few HOs (such an unfortunate name) who live in north, west or south Jersey.

I don’t know where you live but here are three ‘inland’ cheese shops you should check out: Fourchette in Clinton, Bon Appetit in Princeton and Brick Farm Market in Hopewell. Of these, I think Bon Appetit is the best. I haven’t been to Brick Farm Market for over a year but back then they had a good selection and a very knowledgeable cheese monger. Fourchette is expensive but you’ll find cheeses there that you won’t find elsewhere. Have you visited any of the local NJ cheese producers? There are several that are very good.


As an aside, it’s funny—eGullet and CH were always NNJ-centric! So if you live north or west or south, TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO GET ON HERE! :slight_smile:


Me me me me … soon

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Sorry CurlzNJ, just moved in from the city so don’t have friends in CH in NNJ. Why didn’t they come over as well?

Thank you ambrose! We just moved into Union county from the city. Which is why summit was perfect. Will certainly bookmark the others you’ve mentioned in case we happen to be that way

eG has been dead for a looong time. Like, 5+ years. Then a bunch of those people went over to CH for a while; we’ve done our best to spread the word on CH over the last year, but that NJ board is pretty dead too (as in, 6 days since the last post when I looked yesterday). I spent most of my life in NNJ so I’m happy to offer suggestions if you need them, @Eathru!

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Thank you very much @CurlzNJ! Grew up around here but didn’t explore much back then. Glad to find out NJ had a lot more to offer than I’d initially realized!!

Big time! If you want to share where you are, I’m sure even those of us in Central NJ can offer some ideas.

We’ve temporarily (possibly permanently?) Moved into Union county near Summit. But there’s definitely better food further north. Whereabouts are you?

Hmmm, maybe I don’t live in Northern NJ … I’m in Sussex County, I think we will have to forage if we want to eat :wink:


I’m down in Asbury Park, but here’s a list of places within easy reach of where you are:

Ani Ramen ( also in Jersey City)
Red Eye Cafe
Stamna Greek Taverna

Avenue East (specifically for a Malaysian soup called Asam)
Pastosa for pasta, prepared foods, sandwiches, and Italian groceries
ETA: Pairings Palate + Plate

Restaurant Serenade

Redux (sit at the counter in the open kitchen and tell Rob I recommend the place)

Those should get you started!

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You have all that beautiful nature though!! Not as familiar with food there. Wish I could suggest a few. I’ve gotten somewhat familiar with the palisades park, fort lee area

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