Best cheese store in NJ?

Wow! Thank you @CurlzNJ! That’s some list! Will have to try these when we get the chance! Hope you’re enjoying the shore!

I used to live in Fort Lee … good eating
now I have my backyard … and lots of fish in the lake

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I am, thanks! And finding the good food down here, thanks in part to my fellow HOs! :grin:


I’ve heard some good things about livoti’s in Matawan and they are opening a place in Middletown. Does anyone have any intel?

I’m not sure why you asked about Livoti’s on this thread. Are you specifically interested in their cheese selection? In any case…

Livoti’s opened a branch in Marlboro a few years ago, on Route 9 North, in the shopping plaza where Kohl’s is an anchor. I’ve shopped at Livoti’s quite a bit though not very recently. While they have all the usual departments (website link below), I mainly buy vegetables and fruits. The quality is quite good and a few are always on sale. (You can check the current circular on the website for sale items in various departments.) The one thing that totally thrills me is that the bakery department has freshly made rainbow marzipan cookies, my all-time favorite cookie. I sometimes stop in just to buy those.

Livoti’s website

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Big fan of Livottis. To bring it home the fresh mozz there is great and made often so it’s fresh. The catered food is excellent, the eggplant parm is among the best I’ve ever had to be honest.

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