Best Casual Seafood, Monmouth County

(Mr met) #1

Looking for suggestions for casual seafood in Monmouth County.

Does anybody have any good spots? Like Keyport fishery, but its a bit depressing the in the winter. Navesink recently raised thier price point to where I don’t know if it matches the value any longer.
Have found Woody’s a good spot as well, shrimp tacos have been a hit. I know it’s not a classic casual place, but I don’t feel like it’s “upscale” in same vein as some of the top places around here, Like the old Catch. For instance families wouldn’t be out of place at Woodys.
I’m a fan of Shore Fresh too, but wonder how they are in the off season (turnover/freshness wise), esp since sitting indoors isn’t a treat there.
Any other spots anyone would recommend?

(YcF) #2

Woolley’s on Route 9, kind of in between Freehold and Howell. Tried it once, thought it was pretty decent for a casual seafood place.

(Dee) #3

I’m not big on seafood, personally. However I only hear good things about Peter’s Fishery on Route 34 Matawan.


Are you looking for any type of seafood in particular?

(Junior) #5
  • 1 For Pete’s Fishery in Matawan. I would also throw into the mix Mr. Shrimp in Belmar it was very highly regarded over on CH. There is also the Chowda Pot in Red Bank, I’ve enjoyed a few meals there.

(Eat Me !) #6

Barnacle Bills.

(Junior) #7

The ghost of Christmas past…

(Eat Me !) #8

You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!


Fried platter is indeed a winner at BB

(David) #10

+1 for Chowda House on Bridge Ave in Red Bank. and while you’re there walk two blocks and get a half kilo of al pastor to go from IMG on Shrewsbury Ave right behind Chowda House. Love their patio in the summer.

(Eat Me !) #11

Yep. Fried platter is fricking outstanding.

Specials are usually good too.

(John) #12

Spike’s in Point Pleasant. I won’t eat at Wooleys .


+1 for Spike’s.