Best Casual Seafood, Monmouth County

Looking for suggestions for casual seafood in Monmouth County.

Does anybody have any good spots? Like Keyport fishery, but its a bit depressing the in the winter. Navesink recently raised thier price point to where I don’t know if it matches the value any longer.
Have found Woody’s a good spot as well, shrimp tacos have been a hit. I know it’s not a classic casual place, but I don’t feel like it’s “upscale” in same vein as some of the top places around here, Like the old Catch. For instance families wouldn’t be out of place at Woodys.
I’m a fan of Shore Fresh too, but wonder how they are in the off season (turnover/freshness wise), esp since sitting indoors isn’t a treat there.
Any other spots anyone would recommend?

Woolley’s on Route 9, kind of in between Freehold and Howell. Tried it once, thought it was pretty decent for a casual seafood place.

I’m not big on seafood, personally. However I only hear good things about Peter’s Fishery on Route 34 Matawan.

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Are you looking for any type of seafood in particular?

  • 1 For Pete’s Fishery in Matawan. I would also throw into the mix Mr. Shrimp in Belmar it was very highly regarded over on CH. There is also the Chowda Pot in Red Bank, I’ve enjoyed a few meals there.

Barnacle Bills.

The ghost of Christmas past…

You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. There’s more of gravy than of grave about you, whatever you are!

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Fried platter is indeed a winner at BB

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+1 for Chowda House on Bridge Ave in Red Bank. and while you’re there walk two blocks and get a half kilo of al pastor to go from IMG on Shrewsbury Ave right behind Chowda House. Love their patio in the summer.

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Yep. Fried platter is fricking outstanding.

Specials are usually good too.

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Spike’s in Point Pleasant. I won’t eat at Wooleys .

+1 for Spike’s.

The Chowda House in Red Bank gets the “casual” mark from me. That does not apply to most of their prices, though I did have the Mussels Fra Diavolo ($15.50) which included close to 40 mussels in an excellent sauce over pasta.


The lobster bisque was also really good, but different. More of a broth-based consistency than thick cream.

I’ll be posting my full review of this restaurant in the next few days. Not the best food ever, but good enough.

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Just basic stuff- fried shrimp or flounder ,same broiled. When we used to make Cape Cod every summer loved the shacks all over the cape. Have a few places here, but looking to expand more.
Been loving the Woody’s shrimp tempura tacos lately. That with the side f rice and beans is outstanding.
Waiting for weather to turn before hitting up Keyport or Shore Fresh for the year. Would love to visit more of the places in Belmar/PP/PPB but wonder how much action they see offseason.
BTW- IF I knew this thread would be visited upon by VJ I would have posted many months earlier…lol

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Well the fried seafood platter at barnacle bills is quite good. Also, on the topic of fried goodness is the zucchini with horse radish there.

The inlet cafe has some decent dishes. During the summer it is usually packed, but if you can get there before memorial day, it is not bad. I get these 20% off coupons in the mail. I feel like a jackass using coupons but it negates the beach tax.

And although I haven’t been in some time , if the beach tavern still has the fried shrimp special, not much in this state will touch an 8 dollar fried shrimp happy hour special there. However, it is bar only so that could throw a monkey wrench in your plans.

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Does anyone know what’s up with the place in belford? It was gilly’s and then I think station one seafood. It is on rt 36 between main st and east road.

I wanted to try it but never got there, and I’m not sure they are even open now.

It is now Cucci Momma’s, an Italian restaurant.

More italian…just what we need!

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Can’t swing a dead cat down here without hitting an Italian restaurant or pizzeria. Pardon the grim euphemism.

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