Best Canned Chili for Dogs and Burgers?

I like chili dogs and burgers, but don’t always have homemade chili in the freezer (plus my chili has beans - which is not ideal for dogs and burgers).

So do any of you have a go to canned chili for this use. My favorites for this kind of chili are…

1.) The Shoestring, Placerville, CA
2.) Fatburger
3.) Tommy’s
4.) Pink’s

Obviously these are all California entities, so I’m guessing few of you will have experience with them, but don’t let that sway you from recommending your favorite canned chili for dogs & burgers (quickly prepped recipes also appreciated).

Edit: Or frozen. I know growing up Pepperidge Farm made frozen chili that was great, but haven’t seen it in a long, long time.

I haven’t seen it in the last couple of weeks but Trader Joe’s has had a canned Turkey Chili that was surprisingly good. Last time I was there I forgot to ask if it is discontinued or just temporarily out of stock.

Don’t overthink it.

Go with Hormel.

If you want to go a bit out-of-the-box, “haute” chili, then try Kettle & Fire Chili made with Bone Broth, but it’s almost too good to use as a topping.

A & W Coney Dogs all the way - we still have one on Rte. 28 in Harwich Port on Cape Cod. I looked on Amazon but they don’t sell it. They did have cans of Tony Packo’s…

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Not a fan of regular Hormel, but have any of you tried this?

Love their B&B Pickles, so I may give their chili sauce a try. Thanks!

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Hormel Turkey chili. With beans.

Check the freezer section for Captain Ken’s - they say they make/sell hot-dog topping (no bean) chili. We like their regular Firehouse chili a lot.

There’s usually a can of Wolf no beans in the pantry.

I’m a fan of Stagg Chili because there are so many choices.
From Dynamite, Classic, Silverado, vegetable, chicken also an affiliate of Hormel foods.
I know there are beans in Stagg chili, what can I say except that I like beans with my hot dogs.

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